Zero Waste Toilet Paper And Alternatives: A Sustainable Living Guide

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The pandemic nowadays has created utter chaos among health consciousness. Many people are going to the supermarket and are hoarding toilet paper, which, in turn, does something bad to the environment. Not only do we lose trees but we also resort to bleaching even more trees, causing the seepage of chemicals into the waters.

So, how can we stay clean without having to sacrifice Mother Earth? How can we clean our bottoms while also being eco-friendly? Worry not – we have a couple of suggested solutions as alternatives to using toilet paper, as well as zero-waste toilet paper products.


Toilet Paper Cloths

With the green revolution at hand today, many DIY enthusiasts have started resorting to making organic and reusable toilet paper. Here are some examples:

1. Green Little Nest Toilet Paper Cloths

This shop sells reusable and organic toilet paper cloths that are handmade. The process is done by putting together organic cotton flannel in two layers with surged edges to make them durable. If you are looking for a softer and eco-friendlier way of cleaning your bum, here’s a good product for you.

Moreover, the seller greatly recommends that you don’t use fabric softeners or any kind of chemicals to wash them before and after use, as it might affect their absorbency. These should be cleaned properly after usage to avoid transferring unwanted bacteria (more on that below).

If you are a fan of DIY products, this reusable cloth toilet paper is a great choice for you. Since it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals due to being organic, it will work great for people with sensitive bottoms.

2. Marley’s Monsters Toilet UNPaper Roll

This shop makes reusable toilet “UNPaper”, which is made from pure cotton flannel. Their handmade organic products are part of their family business so if you’re a fan of such kinds of homegrown shops, this is a must-try for you. Each roll of their toilet paper alternative has 24 sheets with 4.5 x 12 inches of reusable product.

This toilet paper alternative is packaged much like your regular supermarket toilet paper, except that cotton flannel is used. Since flannel is generally soft on your skin, much like cotton, it won’t be a nuisance to people who are more likely to get rash from harsh products (such as regular toilet paper).

What’s more, if you are a big fan of fancy and colorful designs, this washable toilet paper alternative comes with just that.

Benefits of Reusable Toilet Paper Cloths

With all the hype over toilet paper cloths, due to their similarity to diaper cloths, what are some of the best reasons to invest in this type of eco-friendly product? Here are some of the known benefits of using these toilet paper cloths:

1. They reduce toilet paper usage.

Remember when you had to reach for your toilet paper but now it’s all gone? You won’t have this problem as much if you used toilet paper cloths. When you reduce your toilet paper usage, you not only save on costs (mentioned below) but you also don’t have to worry about easily running out of something to use to wipe your behind.

2. They cut your toilet paper costs.

Let’s be honest: in the grocery, toilet paper often takes a hefty amount of our bill, which is often true. If you cut out toilet paper from the costs by using a reusable toilet paper cloth product, you will significantly reduce your grocery bill.

3. They are usually made from organic and eco-friendly products.

Toilet paper cloths are generally eco-friendly because either cotton or flannel is used in making them. Most of the producers of these products are also environmentally conscious so they will use only organic materials without using dyes, inks, or fragrances.

4. They help save the trees.

With cloth toilet papers, you don’t have to cut down trees all the time. These alternatives only use more sustainable plants, such as cotton, in terms of production. Zero waste toilet paper products also use bamboo (mentioned below).

5. They help reduce pollution and energy costs.

This pollution refers to excessive water usage when making paper rolls, as well as the dumping of bleach and chemicals into the rivers after processing such paper rolls.

When it comes to the energy costs side, traditional toilet paper wastes a lot of energy into making them, which is bad for the environment.

6. They are ideal for sensitive skin.

People who want to wipe away the gross filth under their bum but have hemorrhoids or any other skin sensitivity should use toilet paper cloths instead.

Zero Waste Toilet Paper Products

If you don’t feel like toilet paper cloths will do your bum justice, you can still work with regular toilet paper – so long as it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Here are some environment-friendly toilet papers that you might want to consider:

1. Reel Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel sells bamboo toilet paper that’s packed in a plastic-free container, which means that you’re throwing zero waste into the environment. On top of that, the company is also partnered with Soil, a Haiti-based non-profit organization that composts waste safely from toilets that they donated to the communities.

Since it is made of bamboo, it is eco-friendly and sustainable. Aside from that, their toilet paper was made without BPA, plastics, dyes, or inks, so it’s safe for both your bum and Mother Earth. The company also offers scheduled shipping on how often you need zero-waste toilet paper. Moreover, even their tape on the packaging is plastic-free!

2. Who Gives A Crap Dye-free Tree-free Toilet Paper

Made of 400 sheets per roll, this 3-ply product is made with non-toxic materials, which are sustainable, biodegradable, and are safe for your septic tank systems. The toilet paper is made without the use of ink or dyes and is also a tree-free product since it uses 100% bamboo.

Aside from that, the corporation donates 1/2 of its profits to improve bathroom hygiene in certain countries. So far, they’ve donated about $1.9 million or more, which will make a difference in helping to promote cleanliness and safety among communities.

3. Thrive Market Bamboo Hybrid Bath Tissue

This hybrid tissue paper is made with recycled material, as well as bamboo, to make it strong, absorbent, and eco-friendly, as well as sustainable. It is also cruelty-free, nontoxic, and safe for your septic systems. Likewise, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly with its manufacturing process.

Post-consumer recycled pulp is used to combine with bamboo to make this eco-friendly toilet paper, which comes at 300 rolls at a 2-ply design. The manufacturer also states that their product is compostable with the right composting method. Aside from that, if you’re not a fan of fragrances, this zero waste toilet paper has none.

4. No. 2 Bamboo Toilet Paper

You’ll love the catchy name – this zero waste toilet paper uses soy ink printed paper that comes from recycled material and appears in bright colors. They make toilet paper both attractive and eco-friendly thanks to the FSC-certified packaging and product specifications.

The toilet paper is made with 100% bamboo with a silky touch yet a good amount of strength to wipe away all the filth. The packaging is plastic-free and made from recycled material. Aside from that, all the materials are sustainably sourced and are safe for septic systems.

Each roll has a total of 240 sheets and comes in a 3-ply design, all of which are free from BPA, dyes, fragrances, and the like. Moreover, the company has a good CSR – they will plant a tree for every carton that is sold to restore California wildfire damaged areas.

Using Bidets as Toilet Paper Alternative

A bidet is a kind of bathroom fixture that’s a great alternative to using bathroom tissues. Around the world, when you stay in a hotel, or even simply dine in at your favorite restaurant, you are likely to encounter a toilet that comes with a bidet, or at least a bidet sprayer.

Even though they aren’t that popular yet in the United States, bidets have already been in European countries and some other Asian countries to help lessen the usage of toilet paper. The traditional bidet looks like most porcelain fixtures that you will find in a bathroom, except that it looks smaller.

The purpose of a bidet is solely to clean your sensitive parts. Instead of using toilet paper, which could irritate people with sensitivity, or those who have just gotten out of the emergency room, the water pressure acts as the force that takes out all the filth that we don’t want lingering in our underwear.

Why bidets weren’t that popular

Most British people will tell you that during the old times, they considered bidets as dirty due to their association with brothels. Although they are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning genitals, not many cultures have caught on with this kind of invention due to lack of popularity and PR.

Aside from that, setting up and using a separate bathroom fixture just to clean your bum sounds rather mundane and expensive for most people. However, that’s when people started realizing that certain bowel-related diseases do come from constantly wiping with toilet paper instead of plain old water.

Nowadays, we can easily see bidet sprayers, if not full bidets, at a local hotel or diner. This sprayer has a similar strong pressure that is equally found on a standard bidet, giving you the power to wash away all the grossness without having to waste a bleached tree.

Not only that – a bidet sprayer doesn’t take a lot of space in a comfort room, so it won’t add the expense to the restaurant or hotel owner. This increased the popularity of using bidet sprayers if a household or business cannot afford to have a full or standard bidet in their bathroom.

Benefits of using a bidet instead of toilet paper

So, with all that said and done, what are the benefits of going for a bidet (or at least a bidet sprayer) to wash your bottom? Here’s why should go for a bidet or a sprayer:

1. They help save trees.

When you use bidets instead of toilet paper, you’re saving the trees from being cut down intensively, resulting in more luscious forests that thrive.

2. They reduce bleach in the rivers.

Because producing toilet paper mostly uses bleach to whiten them (unless you have a non-bleached product), using bidet instead to clean your bum is eco-friendlier.

No one wants to live in a world where chemicals are found in the rivers and are killing the fishes and other aquatic life! Not to mention, these harsh chemicals can also seep into trees and other plants, which will affect our food crops. Animals that accidentally drink these chemicals will eventually get sick and die.

3. They save up energy used by factories.

Toilet paper production costs a lot of energy when it comes to processing the paper from the tree up to bleaching it. When you use a bidet instead, you will help lessen the demand for toilet paper, and thus, lessening the energy used.

4. They help conserve water.

We know that this sounds weird because bidets use water to clean your bum. But did you know that producing a roll of toilet paper takes about 37 gallons of water? That’s compared to only about a 0.125-gallon spray from a bidet fixture, which does the job similarly. What’s more, you don’t have to consume an entire roll of toilet paper at that!

5. They keep your hands off bacteria and germs.

Because bidets use water pressure to clean your behind, you are essentially not touching your genitals with toilet paper, resulting in less likelihood of the bacteria being left behind.

6. People with hemorrhoids benefit from them.

Not everyone has a non-sensitive bottom. Moreover, many people develop certain bum-related diseases because they have been using toilet paper for a long time, which causes certain health issues. To help alleviate and/or avoid such problems, using a bidet will help lessen the irritation.

Most people with hemorrhoids will benefit from using just plain water to washing their bottoms. Even if you don’t have this problem, you could in the future if you keep scraping your bottom with gritty tree-based toilet paper (along with the bleach and other chemicals used to process it).

Bidet Attachments as Toilet Paper Alternative

If you can’t afford a full bidet or if you simply don’t have a lot of space for one, your next option is a bidet attachment. Here are some worthy attachments that you can try:

1. Tushy

One of the best bidet attachments to check out today is Tushy, which has a minimalist and elegant design. There are many color combinations to choose from and there’s also an option for you to use warm water if you like – just set the controls and you’re ready to go.

Aside from that, it gives you the option to choose from either bamboo or metal knobs, which is good news if you are into interior designing even as far as your bathroom goes. Since the Tushy is a DIY installation product, you don’t have to fuss over any plumbing specifics at all.

When it comes to maintenance, Tushy is well-renowned for being non-electric, as well as self-cleaning, so users won’t have to feel frustrated with all the gross filth.

2. Brondell Bidet

This non-electric bidet toilet attachment has a self-cleaning nozzle that’s great for first-time bidet spray users. It has no toilet seat gap so it’s easy to install compared to most bidet attachments. Aside from that, it comes with a metal braided hose for durability.

Due to its slim profile, this is probably your best match if your toilet seat isn’t that high. You also don’t need any tools or plumbing knowledge to install it, so it’s a good beginner’s bidet attachment.

3. SlimGlow

If you have seniors at home or would simply like a night light to illuminate your bidet attachment, we suggest this attachment. It comes with a comfortable pressure knob, as well as a dual nozzle design for various cleaning mechanisms. Like most of our picks, it doesn’t require plumbing knowledge and is a DIY install product.

For durability, it has a braided water hose, a universal brass T-valve, and a unified brass valve. It comes with all the installation requirements, as well as Teflon tape and rubber gaskets.

4. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

If you’re often on the go and would like to have an eco-friendlier way of cleaning your behind, the Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet is a good travel buddy for you. This portable bidet is easy to use and will hold up to 400 ml of liquid.

The pack comes with everything that you need, such as nozzle storage and a discreet travel bag. Squeezing the bottle is quite simple plus the angled spray design ensures that you won’t wet your pants uncontrollably. What’s more, it features an airlock feature that maintains the right amount of pressure throughout your squeezes.

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