magazine editing

I've experience in editing magazines through working on both Conteu and Do Not Tiptoe. Conteu is the first print magazine of it's kind in South Africa, exuding luxury and telling timeless stories of creativity from across South Africa. Do Not Tiptoe is a UK justice magazine, commissioned by NGO Christian Aid for young people. Simply, Do Not Tiptoe shares stories from people around the world to encourage connection with one another, as well as an understanding of poverty issues. 



From integrated campaign copy that includes direct mails, text messaging and email campaigns and related resources to white papers, script writing for brand films and creative online content for both blogs and social media.


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writing / in print

  • Selva Beat Magazine

  • Alpha Mag

  • Simple Things Magazine

  • Do Not Tiptoe

  • Conteu Magazine

  • Ernest Journal

  • Stitch & Forage E-Course

Writing portfolio of Rachel Lees / The Foraged Life