5 Best Wood Pellets For Cat Litter in 2023

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Best Wood Pellets For Cat LitterIf you’re looking for the best wood pellets for cat litter then you’ve come to the right place. But first, let’s address the issue: why should you use wood pellets for cat litter?

Wood pellets can be an alternative solution in case you can’t find cat litter from your local pet store. Compared to regular cat litter, wood pellets usually create less dust. If your cat has issues with their current cat litter, you can also try switching to pellets.

However, the switch to pellets from traditional cat litter may be a little difficult. Nevertheless, wood pellets are worth a try if you’re looking for an alternative solution. Read on to find out more about wood pellets for cat litter!


Wood Pellets Cat Litter Reviews

Here are our top picks for wood pellets for cat litter:

1. Feline Pine Cat Litter

This cat litter contains no harsh chemicals so it’s going to be just fine for your feline friend. In fact, its primary ingredient is Arm and Hammer’s Baking Soda (yep, the one that you usually see in the grocery store!). Compared to regular clay litter, this one is low on dust and lightweight.

Pine pellets are used for making this non-clumping litter. Added to that, it has no added fragrances so it can be ideal for cats that have sensitivities with smells. Instead, you get natural pine as the source of the smell.

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Key Features

  • Made with food-grade baking soda
  • Natural pine trees are used
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • Low on dust

Overall, if you want an odor-reducing baking soda wood pellet for cat litter, you might want to try the Feline Pine Cat Litter for your cat.

2. Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

This one is dust-free and has a small size so you don’t have to fuss over trying to clean up your cat’s litter box with super heavy content.

Furthermore, it passed various third-party testing such as SGS, FDA, FSC, and more. Pure fiber is used for creating these tiny pellets to avoid spreading dust all over the house – good for homes with allergy sufferers. Added to that, it has up to 7 times of water absorption for easy litter box changes.

Plant-based binders help to reduce the odor with this small litter box pellet pack. A single cat can use it for up to 1 month on regular usage.

Key Features

  • Odor-reducing
  • Third-party tested
  • Small and easy to change/carry
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Dust-free

If you have allergies with other cat litter pellets then we’d recommend the Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter for you.

3. ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Made with biodegradable material, this lightweight and soft cat litter have up to 500% of absorption, which can help to block kitty’s odor for up to 7 days.

It is available in different sizes and it has zero added chemicals or scents – perfect for cats (and humans) that have smell sensitivities.

That’s not all – This nature cat litter has no airborne dust so your air purifier doesn’t have to suffer either. A single packaging can last up to 2 1/2 months on one cat.

Key Features

  • 7-day odor control and more
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Available in different sizes and variants
  • No airborne dust
  • Lasts long for a single cat

The ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter may be what you’re looking for if you want cat litter that is biodegradable and flushable.

4. Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pets

Easy to clean up and clumps together just right, this wood pellet pack is also dust-free and doesn’t stick or cling too much. Moreover, it doesn’t have artificial colors or additives so it is a natural odor-removing cat litter for your pet.

Furthermore, it is made in the USA so you can expect high quality from it. Also, it’s not limited to just cats – you can even use it for other small animals (e.g. birds, rabbits, and mice). To prevent wood dust from flying, it is specially processed in the facility.

Key Features

  • Made without artificial ingredients
  • Odor-removing properties
  • Dust-free
  • Doesn’t stick or cling too much
  • Easy to clean up

To wrap it up, the Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pets can be a solution for multi-pet homes that have more than just a cat.

5. Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter

Looking for an eco-friendly solution? This low-dust and chemical-free pine litter pellet for our cat is purely compostable and biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about consequences to Mother Nature. It is also good with its odor control and absorbs up to 3 times more than regular clay litter.

It doesn’t clump and it also has no tracking. Furthermore, it is sustainably-sourced for its pine wood. This is because the manufacturer uses fallen trees and reclaimed timber.

Key Features

  • Made from sustainably-resourced pine wood
  • Good odor control
  • Ideal for more than one cat at home
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Chemical-free and low-dust

Do you have more than one cat at home? The Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter can be a choice for you since it comes in a big packaging!

What can I use instead of cat litter?

Wood pellets are an alternative way of creating cat litter for your feline friend. They can be bought from some pet stores and they are used in almost the same way as regular cat litter.

However, the change is not as easy as it seems. That’s when you need to become gentle to your cat – employ a gradual transition from the old litter to the new one, or better yet, mix the two so that your cat doesn’t react (violently) to the new litter.

If you haven’t done so yet, you may want to check out our pine pellets cat litter reviews to convince you of its effectiveness as a cat litter alternative.

Cat litter vs. pellets

Wood pellets, as compared to traditional cat litter, actually absorbs more in terms of moisture. This means that you don’t have to change your cat litter as frequently as you would with regular ones. Consequently, this may be good news for you if you’re often tired of maintaining Tabby’s litter box.

What to look for in wood pellets for cat litter

You may be a bit confused as to which criteria to look for in wood pellets for cat litter. Don’t worry, as we’ll list them down for you:

  1. It should be odor-reducing. After all, that’s the primary purpose of cat litter, right? Odor-reducing is a must for any cat litter, whether it’s clay or pellet.
  2. Third-party testing is a plus. Having a wood pellet cat litter that’s certified by various third-party companies can also make it a high-quality one and usually an eco-friendlier one, too.
  3. They should be lightweight and manageable. Let’s face it – no one likes to dump cat litter that’s too heavyweight that it takes a toll on their shoulders. Managing your cat’s litter box shouldn’t be too daunting – choose wood pellets that aren’t too heavy unlike clay.
  4. Dust-free is a good feature. Having a dust-free wood pellet pack is important so that your cat doesn’t sniff air pollution and so that you don’t have to worry about your allergies (or someone else’s, for that matter). Many wood pellets nowadays have been compressed by their facilities to avoid wood dust from flying outwards.
  5. No harsh chemicals. Wood pellets are usually made of pinewood and don’t need any harsh chemicals to treat them, such as bleach (versus clay, that is). Therefore, wood pellets can be much more of an eco-friendly and cat-friendly product.
  6. Sustainably-resourced pine trees (or wood). It helps if your pet litter is made from sustainable resources, such as fallen trees or reclaimed timber. In this way, you aren’t affecting Mother Nature and you may be saving thousands of wildlife.

How to use pine pellet cat litter

Wood pellets are usually very simple to use if you’ve already been used to clay litter for your cat. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Scoop up only a small amount.

Remember that wood pellets expand when they get soaked with your “cat’s liquid”. This is why you shouldn’t overfill the litter box to avoid creating a mess.

Read the labels.

You may also want to read up on the directions if there are specific ways of using the wood pellets. You can also find out as to how much to use per cat and per day to avoid running out of the wood pellets quickly.

Maintain it daily.

Just because it says it can absorb more than clay doesn’t mean you just have to leave it be – you still need to clean it up daily for removing anything unnecessary (and smelly!).

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How to scoop paper pellet litter

Are you intimidated by trying to clean up pellet litter? Don’t worry – we have some simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Remove all solids. Search your cat’s litter box and get rid of all the gross stuff. Not too much of a pretty task, right? But it needs to be done to get rid of the awful smell, especially since it’s cat poop.
  2. Use a scoop in collecting the remaining pellets. For this, you may want to look for the best scoop for pine pellet litter (or paper pellet litter, for that matter), which has holes that have a decent size. The holes allow you to separate the dust and debris from the solid ones.
  3. Shake the scoop as gently as possible. Put it over the container that contains all the cat poop and then shake it to remove the dust and debris. This is to make sure that the debris doesn’t fall outside to avoid cleaning up too much.
  4. Preserve the other dry pellets. After you’ve scooped all the dirty items away, it’s time to get the remaining pellets ready for added pellets, which leads us to…
  5. Add new pellets. Scoop up a new batch of fresh pellets so that your cat will be able to use the litter box once again. Again, make sure not to overfill!

How often to change wood pellet cat litter

While it is true that you have to maintain it on a daily basis, changing the wood pellet can be less of a hassle compared to clay litter. You could somewhat enjoy the wood pellet packaging for about 2 times a month, but this can depend on different considerations, such as:

  • Your cat’s behavior
  • The number of cats at home
  • Your cat’s age
  • The size of your litter box

Disposing of wood pellet litter

One plus point about wood pellet litter is how eco-friendlier it is compared to clay litter for your cat’s litter box. Here are some ways of throwing it away:

Flush it down the toilet.

This, however, can depend on the size of the wood pellet. For tiny ones, you can safely flush them down but don’t pour in too much to avoid clogged pipes. Flushing seems to be the most convenient way, but there are also other ways to throw out wood pellet cat litter.


Since a wood pellet is sourced from nature, it is biodegradable and compostable. You can use it for your plants and gardens if you have one. However, it shouldn’t be used on edible plants to avoid cross-contamination!


In the long run, we think that wood pellets make a great cat litter alternative.

That’s not all – they also tend to be low on dust as compared to traditional ones, which can be good news to those suffering from respiratory problems – even your cat!

If you or someone you know is looking for a different material to turn into cat litter, why don’t you try recommending these wood pellets that we reviewed?


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