10 Best Natural Cat Litter Reviews!

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Best Natural Cat Litter Cat litter, usually made from clay, makes it kind of heavy and difficult to manage. More often, they are also filled with unnecessary chemical processes, which can make it harmful to the environment once you throw it out. Yikes!

This is when you may be looking for alternative solutions, such as natural cat litter materials like paper or wood. If you want to look for the best natural cat litter, you’ve come to the right place.

But first, a little refresher: why is choosing the right cat litter important? There are many reasons, such as considering your cat’s health, the ease of maintenance, its ability to control odor, and so much more. After all, cat litter isn’t only going to end up in your cat’s litter box – it may end up in streams and rivers where it could clog and even poison some other wildlife or plants out there.

Best Natural Cat Litter Reviews

Ready to pick some natural clumping cat litter? Here are our top picks:

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

We chose this all-natural cat litter because of its clumping ability and its good odor control. Grass seed is used as its primary ingredient so you know that it is plant-based. It is even GMO-free for those of you who are concerned with GMOs.

Not only that, it is dust-free and chemical-free so cats (and humans) with odor and dust sensitivities/allergies can breathe easy with this natural cat litter. It is even biodegradable so you won’t have to feel guilty about dumping it in the wilderness.

They even have 3 bag sizes: 5, 10, and 20 lbs. depending on how many cats you own. It is even fragrance-free for cats that have issues with scents – which may also be beneficial to pet owners that are easily put off with strong fragrances.

Key Features

  • Biodegradable
  • GMO-free
  • Made with 100% grass seed
  • Good clumping ability
  • No scents or chemicals

Overall, the SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter can be ideal for as a natural cat litter for multiple cats (if you have more than two or three at home).

Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter

Made with a mix of cedar, corn, and pine, this can be the best all-natural cat litter if you prefer to focus on odor control. It comes in a 12-lb. bag and it uses its natural ingredients for the fresh scent (no added harsh chemicals). What’s more, it is dust-free so it can be okay for cats and humans with allergies.

The clumps are lightweight and are easy to clean up. They are also highly-absorbent and can be a replacement for clay litter in terms of usage amount while you aren’t giving a bad impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, the clumping mechanism is powered by the natural guar gum ingredient that’s also in the cat litter.

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Key Features

  • Easy to clean up
  • Eco-friendly and natural ingredients (corn, cedar, and pine)
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Dust-free
  • No harsh chemicals

For pet owners who are on a budget, you might like the Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter as it is both eco-friendly and not that expensive.

ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Made for cats and owners that have scent allergies, this one has no harsh additives or chemicals so it is a fresh and natural cat litter. It can control odor for as quick as 7 days and it gives off no airborne dust for pets and their owners to breathe cleaner air.

What’s more, clean wood fiber works its way to negate ammonia smells with this clumping litter. It is also flushable and biodegradable so there’s no need to worry about disposing of it.

We liked that they only grab a hold of sustainable and renewable wood sources to avoid depleting trees each time they make cat litter.

Due to the soft design, the texture is just right for most senior cats and kittens.

Key Features

  • No airborne dust
  • No harsh scents or chemicals
  • 7-day quick odor removing
  • Sustainable wood is used
  • Available in various sizes

The ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter can be a good choice for you if you have scent allergies (or if your cat has them, too).

Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump

Yes, you’ve heard that right – Garfield also sells his own line of cat litter, and they’re dust-free as well! This can be a pick for the best natural cat litter for odor control if you prefer smaller grains that can work even with small cat breeds.

As the primary ingredients are cassava and corn, you can definitely bet that it’s eco-friendly and free from harsh chemicals! Since it is biodegradable, it’s rather okay to flush it down the toilet or for use in composting. It has zero artificial fragrances and its white color makes it easy to know whether it’s soiled or not yet.

If you have a cat that has feline autoimmune skin diseases such as the Pemphigus Foliaceus, you can try this one because the grains are very small and soft for their paws.

Key Features

  • Dust-free
  • Small grains that are soft
  • Made with cassava and corn
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Biodegradable and flushable

To sum it up, the Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump can be ideal for cats that need small grains for their cat litter.

K KAMY’S ZOO I AM TOFU Renewed- Tofu Cat Litter

You may be wondering: can tofu really be used as cat litter material? The answer is yes – this cat litter is a natural plant-based one made with soya bean (the same ingredient used in making tofu) and corn starch. Furthermore, it is flushable and dust-free so maintaining your cat can be a breeze with this cat litter.

Are you often worried about having to scrape your litter box? Worry no more – this cat litter is rather easy to scoop due to the natural clumping formulation that it has. The cat litter has up to 400% of absorption ability as compared to regular clay litter.

Each cat can use up to 6 lbs. per 4-6 weeks depending on their age and “toilet habits”. Furthermore, it has no tracking so you don’t have to fuss over cleaning the floor all the time. At 0.07 inch per pellet, it is quite thin and gentle on your cat’s paws.

Key Features

  • Flushable
  • Thin size
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to scoop
  • No tracking

Do you want a flushable cat litter? You may want to try the K KAMY’S ZOO I AM TOFU Renewed- Tofu Cat Litter for that.

Arm & Hammer Naturals, Double Duty Litter

Looking for a cat litter that gets rid of odors from cat poop and urine? This one can do the trick – it has up to 2 times absorption with a low-dust formula. Corn fibers are used for this double-duty cat litter that clumps easily so it is eco-friendly and comes from natural ingredients.

Moreover, since it is 50% lighter than clay, it can mean a less taxing duty for you when cleaning up your cat’s litter. What’s more, it even has baking soda and other plant extracts to intensify the odor elimination property of this natural cat litter.

Aside from that, each pack is at 9 lbs. and you get two of them. If you are a fan of Arm and Hammer’s baking soda, you might like this one for your cat.

Key Features

  • Made with baking soda for odor control
  • Eco-friendly and natural corn fibers
  • Gets rid of odors from cat poop and urine
  • 50% lighter than clay
  • Clumps easily for simple cleaning

Need a baking soda cat litter? The Arm & Hammer Naturals, Double Duty Litter may be just what you are looking for.

Good Earth The 6160 All Natural Litter

Worrying about storing leftover cat litter? This all-natural cat litter has a resealable packaging for you to work with. Other than that, it is gluten-free for cats with specific conditions. It is dust-free to avoid allergens in the air and its main ingredient is grass.

Aside from that, it is GMO-free and made in the USA (Wisconsin) for quality. It has no additional fragrances or perfumes so it can be friendly towards cats that have smell issues. It is also quite easy to clean due to the clumping mechanism.

Many folks found it useful against terribly-smelling urine, especially if they have more than one cat at home. Since it doesn’t stick to the litter box, cleaning up can be a breeze compared to clay litter.

Key Features

  • Resealable packaging
  • GMO-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Good clumping mechanism
  • Made from 100% grass

Overall, if you are looking for a GMO-free cat litter then the Good Earth The 6160 All Natural Litter can be a choice for you.

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

As a biodegradable cat litter made with corn, it clumps pretty well and is also flushable for those who don’t have a lot of time in disposing of their used cat litter. Moreover, it can be mulched for those with outdoor gardens. It is even septic tank-friendly!

Each pack has 8.8 lbs. of clumping corn litter, which can last for up to 8 weeks for a single cat. It can hold up to 4 times its own weight so you don’t have to change cat litter more often than with clay.

Since it clumps just fine, it doesn’t give off the dust, unlike regular clay. Aside from that, it is also low on tracking to reduce the need for cleaning up after kitty’s mess.

Key Features

  • Low tracking
  • Can be mulched
  • Can be flushed
  • Made with corn and natural ingredients
  • Can last up to 8 weeks

To summarize, the Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter can be for those who are looking for a low-tracking natural cat litter.

CocoKitty Coconut Cat Litter

Pet owners are going coconuts (pun intended) this cat litter – it is made with 100% coconut and this makes it an organic and hypoallergenic cat litter to use for your pet’s litter box. The activated carbon found in coconut is what makes it work against bad odors.

Worry no more about potential bacteria from cat matter – it even has anti-bacterial properties due to the coconut pith included. It is even highly absorbent at up to 10 times its own weight – perfect for reducing changing time.

Since it is lightweight, you don’t have to work so hard when changing the cat litter. Each pack can last a good 2 months on a single cat. Because it is biodegradable, you can just flush it or use it for composting. The naturally-soft texture of the coconut cat litter may be ideal for kittens and senior cats.

Key Features

  • Made from 100% coconut
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can last 2 months
  • Flushable and compostable
  • Soft texture

You might want to try the ECO>ABSORB Coconut Cat Litter if you prefer a cat litter that is made from coconut.

Litter One Biodegradable Cat Litter

As a biodegradable and eco-friendly litter box and cat litter, this one uses pine pellets that are purely safe for cats. They can hold up to 3 times their own weight and can neutralize bad smells from your cat’s urine (ammonia).

You are also doing a big favor to the environment as it even comes in recyclable material and packaging since it is made from post-consumer recycled material. The box comes at a size of 19 x 14 x 9 inches so it can be sufficient for most cats.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 3 times their own weight
  • Comes with a free litter box
  • All recyclable materials
  • Uses pine pellets
  • Eco-friendly

Don’t have a litter box yet? Why not try the Litter One Biodegradable Cat Litter? It has both a recyclable litter box and an eco-friendly cat litter!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering about a couple of facts about natural cat litter. Hang on – we’ve got you covered with some FAQs:

What are the types of natural cat litter?

Assuming you want to move on from clay, here are some good alternatives that are eco-friendly:


Most pet owners will tell you that corn is a common pet litter that’s an alternative to clay. It clumps very well and it has dust control as well since it is made with natural plant-based ingredients. However, it can be a bit too big for kittens and seniors.


Aside from corn, you can also count on wheat for cat litter. It is definitely scoopable and flushable. However, odor control, clumping, and dust control isn’t always good and depends on the manufacturer and the usage. It is, however, a bit cheaper than corn.


Perhaps one of the most popular types of cat litter, this one usually comes in compressed sawdust, which means it doesn’t give off the dust as you’d probably think of. While it’s not as good as corn in clumping, it is budget-friendly, has a good odor-reducing property, and is easy to flush as well.


While an unusual pet litter, this one can have a finer texture depending on the type that you have, which makes it ideal for senior cats and kittens. It also has good odor control and dust control while it is also flushable.


Among the most popular cat litter, this one usually comes from post-consumer recycled material. While it’s not that good with clumping and scooping, it produces no dust so it can be ideal for those who don’t like pine. It is, however, not flushable. Nonetheless, it is quite cheaper than the rest.

How often to change cat litter

Usually, companies will instruct you to change about 2 times a month but it can depend on whether you have one cat at home or multiple cats.

In some cases, the age of your cat will also matter, as well as other factors, such as their habits, as some cats pee more often than others.

Can you flush natural cat litter?

Yes and no – it depends on the cat litter that you have. Usually, you can flush cat litter if it says on the label, such as with pine and corn, but you do have to break it down into smaller parts first. Biodegradable cat litter is usually flushable and compostable, though.

How do use natural cat litter?

Using natural cat litter is just as easy as using regular clay litter:

  1. Read the label for instructions
  2. Fill up the litter box
  3. Wait for your cat to use it
  4. Check for solids then get rid of them
  5. Use a scoop to get rid of debris
  6. Add in new pellets

Summing it up

Natural cat litter can be an alternative solution if you find that you want to go eco-friendly and at the same time, want to lessen the weight of your usual clay cat litter.

Not only that, you’re doing a huge favor for Mother Earth and to the wildlife in the forest for not dumping chemical-infused cat litter!

So, the next time you want to recommend or use cat litter, why not go natural instead of the usual grocery store clay litter?


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