6 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat for Yoga Lovers [2023]

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best eco yoga matYou can practice yoga on any mat, but a good rug brings you a massive difference to your practice. We list the best eco-friendly yoga mat and hope that you can choose the most suitable one.

Nowadays, many brands produce yoga mats without a lot of chemicals and. Instead, they switch to more sustainable materials such as all-natural rubber and Jute. A good yoga mat is environmentally friendly, comfortable, sticky, durable, hard-wearing, and ethically made.

A perfect yoga mat is the one that’s not too sticky but not too slippery. Besides, it is also not too soft but not too firm, not too heavy but offers enough padding under your knees.

In this article, we list the best eco-friendly yoga mat according to lots of standards. Depending on many reviewers, they are the best eco yoga mats available today. However, they are not the same, so you should choose the best suited to your needs and your practice among plenty of mat kinds.



Best Environment Friendly Yoga Mat Reviews

1. The Liforme Yoga Mat

This kind of carpet has a beautiful appearance. It is slightly lighter and thinner than many of its “Everyday Practice Mat” competitors. Nevertheless, it is still incredibly durable and supportive enough for knees and other bony joints. The users will feel great when it is under the body.

In the wet or dry conditions, it stays grippy well. Besides, it also contains helpful alignment markers so that people can keep balanced and aligned.

Furthermore, the mat is produced by a brand with an eco-friendly and human-friendly vision. The company pays attention to the impact on the planet. Therefore, they go to the research and do their own independent study to tackle the challenge of a non-toxic and sustainable yoga mat. Then, a mat made from low-odor, non-toxic, PVC-free material comes to the market.

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The material is heat bonded without any toxic adhesives and biodegrades in normal landfill conditions in 1-5 years. In addition to this, Liforme is also smart when sending the mat with a bag made from no plastic. They use a cardboard box.  The Liforme mat can repel dirt for the most part well. However, the price is a bit high.


  • The Liforme Yoga Mat is durable and eco-friendly.
  • This product can repel dirt and sweat well.
  • The absorbance is noticeable.
  • It just has a faint rubber odor.


  • The price is a bit high.
  • You may pay for the bag when shipping.


2. Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

The Jade Fusion yoga mat can be an ideal choice for people who love yoga. This mat presents a great combination of grip, padding, and eco-friendly. The company makes the mat mostly from natural rubber with no PVC.

Hence, the mat is an eco-friendly and biodegradable product. This is the fact that Jade company was the first brand in the industry of making yoga mat for offering non-toxic mats. Using this mat, you will give a hand to protect our planet and environment.

The benefit of this item is that it is so thick. Therefore, it can support bones and joints incredibly. Moreover, the product has an amazing grip in both dry and wet conditions. The mat offers excellent stickiness.

However, it also absorbs moisture. It means that you need to be careful to keep it clean. The natural rubber is not harmful to our health, but it has a distinct rubber smell. Notwithstanding, this smell will go away after a time. The only disadvantage is that this mat is really heavy.


  • The product is really eco-friendly and durable.
  • It has fantastic grip in both dry and wet conditions.
  • The Jade Fusion yoga mat is good at repelling dirt and sweat.
  • It has an eye-catching color.


  • It smells like rubber, and the smell will linger for a couple of months.
  • It is heavy.


3. Manduka Eko Yoga Mat

The Manduka Eko yoga mat has a simple look. It is made from non-Amazonian, all-natural tree rubber. Besides, the product is manufactured without foaming agents or toxic glues, and it is reinforced with cotton and polyester. There are no toxic chemicals used to soften the rubber.

A little company can do this in their products. This type of mat has two layers in the different densities. That leads to a combination of spongy and firm support. In addition to this, the item contains a closed-cell surface that repels moisture well.

The Manduka Eko yoga mat is really limber that it makes users feel comfortable and supportive when it is under their bodies. The natural rubber has good grip in dry conditions. Because of the natural rubber, this product has good grip in dry conditions.

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This mat is not only thickness but also heavy. The Manduka mat is made from natural rubber, so rubber smell exists for quite some time. The color of this mat is not plentiful, just the dark color.


  • The product does not contain toxic glues or foaming agents.
  • It has an excellent grip because of natural rubber.
  • The closed-cell surface can repel moisture well.
  • The mats have two layers so that the user will feel comfortable.


  • The mat is surprisingly heavy.
  • The rubber smell may linger for a long time.


4. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade company gets much success on the market of the yoga rug. It is a popular choice for people who love yoga for many outstanding features: eco-friendly material, eye-catching design, the reasonable price, and so on. It is considered as a balance between many great qualities at a very reasonable price. The function is really noticeable.

The rug provides customers with melodious and commodious feeling when practicing. Because of the medium size, you can bring it with you when you travel or go far for work. Practicing yoga usually makes you healthier and relaxer, however, choosing a suitable yoga mat is really important. You can consider using this product depending on the great and useful functions.

It is good at both durability and padding. Furthermore, the rug has an excellent grip in any condition. This product is made from totally natural materials without PVC or other toxic chemicals. Furthermore, this brand is famous for a strong tradition of responsible industry practices. Hence, their products are not harmful or the environment and our planet.

The only disadvantage of the item is the open-cell design that requires users more attention to cleaning. The distinct rubber smell takes a quite long time to disappear. Remember not to leave this mat in the direct sun, or it will lose its grip.


  • It is quite durable and padding.
  • The natural materials are good for the environment.


  • It will lose its grip if you leave this mat in the direct sun.


5. Tranquil Yogi Tranquility Cork Yoga Mat

Tranquil Yogi Tranquility Cork Yoga Mat is rated highly on the list of the best eco-friendly yoga mat. This brand is from China, and it is also a popular company in the field of yoga rug. The main materials are cork and rubber. About packaging, there is no plastic on mats. The company ensures that consumers will feel smooth on the surface.

This yoga mat is really impressive. It brings a comfortable feeling, and it makes users connect to their core to hold the pose. Moreover, it also does not catch their hands or feet when they move. Because the surface feels smooth and supportive, the body of people can flow a little easier. In wet conditions, the grip gets better.

Many reviewers say that it is the most supportive mat they have ever tried. The users will feel so good under their knees because of the cork and rubber combination. It is both soft and firm at the same time. Besides, the product is also on the top of the best eco yoga mat list for the low environmental impact because it is made from no plastic.

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One more outstanding feature is that it is one of the most affordable rugs among the high quality, eco-friendly mats out there. This mat also comes with a carry strap.

However, there is a disadvantage of the product, and it is the only feature that confuses consumers. The grip improves with moisture. Before the yoga class begins, you should dab some water on your hands and feet to improve the stickiness. Therefore, if you are looking for a mat with an amazing grip, this item is not the ideal mat for you.


  • The product has high quality at a reasonable price.
  • The surface is smooth.
  • It is a great eco-friendly product.
  • There is no plastic on the rug.


  • The grip is better in wet conditions.


6. Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Yoga Mat

This is a product from Taiwan with the materials of Jute and Polymer Environmental Resin. Polymer Environmental Resin is the oil extracted from biodegradable plant secretions in order to make a plastic-like material. About the packaging, the rug wrapped in blocks, paper, bolsters and the cushions wrapped in plastic.

Hugger Mugger makes this rug, and it is accessible on the market. It is the combination of the grip and support of Jute with the durability of PER. The product can support the boney knees surprisingly. Because the mat is so light, people call it as a travel mat. In addition to this, it is really an impressive sticky mat.

It provides the kind of grip that attracts any yogis. The brand cares about the impact on the planet so that their products are eco-friendly and natural, and this item is no exception. Furthermore, the material does not have a harmful effect on the environment.

The grip may not good as the expectation of people. Furthermore, the mat can slip in dry condition, and it even loses its grip when wet.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • The mat is so light.
  • This product is eco-friendly and natural.


  • The mat can slip in dry condition
  • In the wet condition, the rug can lose its grip.

Besides choosing the suitable yoga mat, we would like to give you many useful tips to boost your yoga practice.

Eat light before class

The yogis will feel uncomfortable during various posture twists because of the belly full of food. Therefore, before you head to class, it is really necessary to give yourself an hour or two to let the food digest. Take a look at the recommended snack yogis loves to eat before yoga:

  • Two poached eggs on a slice of tomato, a bok choy-banana-blueberry-lemon smoothie, and a glass of water
  • A vegan protein smoothie
  • Green powders mixed with water like PaleoGreens

Shut your mind off

Easier said than done, but you can still practice more and more to make it done.

You need to slow down everything, including your body and your breath. Then focus on listening to the music you love. Try to forget about the “idea of yoga,” just concentrate on letting go of all your thinking. Then, think about your core muscles, move with ease from pose to pose and breath slightly. After that, you will come from a deep awareness of these stabilizing muscles.

Wear yoga-specific clothes

Yogis should wear clothes that make them feel good. The recommended clothes are full-length leggings with the plain spaghetti strap tanks (no racer-backs). People usually prefer simple practice clothes, and these clothes also need to be able to endure wear and tear.

In yoga, you have to do different poses with your back and tummy, so please leave the complicated sports bras in the drawer. However, the experts give the advice of not using the clothing hangs when practicing. In sum, the simple and comfortable clothes are the best choice for yogis.

The high-quality yoga mat will take an essential role in the yoga-practicing process. According to the list below, we ensure that you can find the best one depending on many features such as price, color, design, materials, the grip rate, and so on. Besides choosing the best eco-friendly yoga mat, you should also pay attention to many tips and requirements about the diet, clothes, and even the atmosphere. We hope that you will get the best result in yoga.


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