Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly Lawn Mower [Reviews 2023]

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eco friendly Lawn MowerCutting grass or mowing the lawn can be a troublesome chore. It had to be done if you are maintaining a landscape or else snakes and other pests could lurk in the tall grass! The key to achieving a well-maintained landscape is to use a lawn mower. However, the problem with most lawn mowers is that they require gasoline to run, which may not be that eco-friendly.

If you really want to go environment-friendly and consider alternatives that can benefit nature, going electric is an ideal solution. This is when you may be looking for the best eco-friendly lawn mower, which we will review today.

Contrary to popular gas-powered lawnmowers, electric ones are cordless and do not produce fumes that could harm our environment. Most of them are also quieter in terms of decibels so they also do not produce noise pollution.

Aside from electric lawnmowers, there are also those walk-behind or manual lawn mowers that do not consume anything at all other than manpower – perfect for when you’re looking for a good outdoor workout! These are absolutely eco-friendly as well.


Best Environment Friendly Lawn Mower Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best eco-friendly lawnmower:

#1. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Lawn Mower

With a 14-inch blade, this eco-friendly lawnmower only needs a good push in order to cut grass. Mowing the lawn also becomes easier and without having to use anything since it’s a push-reel type. It has 4 blades that have a ball bearing reel so it can be easy to push through to mow your lawn.

The materials used for the blades are heat-treated alloy steel parts so they can last for a long time without having to sharpen them more often. The wheels stand at 8.5 inches and are just the right size for anyone to push them easily.

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We like the fact that you can adjust the height of the cutting mechanism from 0.5″ to 1.75″. This can be helpful if you can choose whether you want your grass too short or too tall depending on how frequent your rainy seasons are. This lawnmower can work well on most crabgrass, weed, rye, bluegrass, and fescue species.

#2. WORX WG958 14-inch 40V WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower

This lawnmower also sports a 14-inch blade but it is an electric type. It is at 40 volts or 4.0 AH and is equipped with a turbine cordless blower so you get two units in one for easy lawn and garden maintenance. The mower has a discharge at the rear part so you can easily clean up and throw away the mowed grass for composting.

The mower also has a foldable handle so you can store it in your shed with minimal space. With additional torque due to the Intellicut technology, this ensures that each spin of the blade will cut precisely. You can even adjust the cutting height using the single lever on the side of the unit.

Since both the mower and the blower are cordless and portable, you can use it outside without having to worry about dangling and potentially dangerous cords. They are also low in noise levels so they won’t disturb your neighbors.

#3. GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

Yet another lawnmower that is electric, this one is much bigger due to being 20 inches in its steel deck for more room and more space of cutting, allowing you to finish the job in no time. This wide space also makes it more ideal for large lawns to maintain.

It has a 12-amp motor and is a corded-electric one so if you’re looking for more power without having to load up gasoline, this electric unit might work for you. It can be used on all grass types with its cutting height adjustment of 1.5 to 3.75 inches.

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You can even fold the handles when you’re not using the unit to take up less space. The wheels are in 10 inches at the back and 7 inches at the front for extra leverage and power. Like all electric units, it is a push-button start system for easy use.

#4. Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower

As a lawnmower that is a push reel type, this one has 18 inches of space and is suitable for al grass types due to the Inertia Drive technology. It can be easy to push with its gears and its wheels at the bottom. You can adjust the cutting height from 1 to 4 inches so it can be suitable for landscaping as well.

The grass chute include can be reversed so that you can direct your clippings in any position that you want (which helps you get grass clippings away from your feet as you go). The less friction is caused by the StaySharp Max chain drive design, which makes it easy to push even for some of the kids.

Fiskars is a known brand for scissors and cutting blades, and this is why its blades are not only sharp but can stay sharp for a very long time – they don’t need much maintenance and sharpening as other blades. Grass such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia and Bermuda can be trimmed well with this unit.

#5. Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

If you prefer a lawnmower with a large set of wheels then we’d like to recommend you with this one. It has a 16-inch cutting width, which can be sufficient for most lawn sizes out there. Its 10-inch wheels can make it simple to drive around and the 7-blade ball bearing reel also allows it to be pushed easily.

The unit can work well on grass types such as the St. Augustine, seashore paspalum, Bermuda grass, zoysia, and centipede-type grass. This is because of its alloy steel blades that could stay sharp much longer than other units – provided they are maintained properly. The cutting height of this reel lawn mower can be adjusted from half an inch up to 2.5 inches.

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Since it is lightweight in design, you don’t have to carry something very bulky just to do the chore of mowing the lawn, especially in a heated summer morning. Since it doesn’t use gas, it is eco-friendly and nearly noise-less when you use it.

How do I choose the best eco-friendly lawnmower?

To choose an ideal lawn mower that will be friendly to the earth, here are tips:

Go electric.

By using an electric lawn mower instead of a gas-powered one, you can save Mother Earth from consuming too much fuel from our resources that are limited. Using electric units also reduces the impact on our Ozone Layer and can also help us breathe with better air instead of using ones that produce air pollution.

Another reason why electric lawn mowers are more advisable for a nature-friendly product is that it is capable of being quiet. Animals around your neighborhood will not be disturbed, resulting in a better ecosystem where animals could peacefully live without harsh-sounding motors. If you want to avoid noise pollution but want to maintain your lawn then an electric unit can be a choice for you.

Consider push-reel types.

If you really don’t want to consume anything other than your own power as a human being, having a push-reel type is probably for you. These only require you to push them and they can cut the grass using their manual gear mechanism. These are quiet in terms of operation and they can do the job due to their sharp blades.

The only catch is that they are only ideal if you have a small lawn and have the strength to push them. They also take a bit longer to mow the lawn as compared to electric types, but they do work.

Choose ones that aren’t noisy.

If you want a unit that is eco-friendly, it should be less of a noisy one. Considering electric units as well as push-reel lawn mowers can be an option if you want to avoid all of the excess motor noise coming from gas-powered units. Your neighbors will thank you as well, and the animals in the forest will, too.

If possible, go cordless.

If you do want an electric type lawnmower, it is best to go cordless if you can. This is because cordless units cause fewer accidents than corded ones – unless you really want the extra power. Cordless options are ideal if your lawn is quite spacious and you don’t want a dangling wire to move around with.

Why should I buy an eco-friendly lawnmower?

An eco-friendly lawnmower could help you:

Save the planet from gas fumes.

If you want to save planet earth from the harsh gas fumes that come from gasoline-powered units, your best bet is an eco-friendly lawnmower, which does not use gas or oil. Using gas or oil could cause problems in our future generations because it could not only deplete our resources easily but it could even cause our ozone layer to get depleted, causing global warming to intensify.

Another reason why gas fumes from gasoline-powered units are not nature-friendly is that they can kill or cause sickness not only to animals and plants but also to human beings. Therefore, when you go green with your power tools, you could even save your own health!

Lower the noise pollution in your neighborhood.

Nobody wants to be disturbed in their morning rituals with a noisy neighbor’s lawnmower. This is why it’s more advisable to get a unit that’s low on noise to avoid your neighbors complaining against you. After all, noise pollution is also a problem in the world, and it could cause anyone’s hearing to have problems later on.

Because electric units do not use the same type of fuel system as gas-powered units do, they don’t produce as much noise. In fact, the push-reel type of lawnmowers does not produce noise at all (or if they do, it’s only about as loud as a bunch of scissors cutting together).

Reduce costs spent on gasoline.

People have been spending on gasoline for years, and with the prices rising, you may find yourself in a pinch when you’re saving for other things. Electric units could significantly reduce your gasoline costs because they are getting their juice from a different source, which is renewable, unlike gasoline.

Work out while mowing the lawn (or at least enjoy doing it).

Push-reel lawn mowers are best for having a little exercise in the morning. Or, if you’re too busy for that, at the very least your electric lawn mower won’t be that bulky for you to use, which can actually make mowing the lawn a chore you enjoy.

How do I use an eco-friendly lawnmower?

Most lawn mowers that are electric (not using gasoline) are a push-button type of system. This means that you don’t have to prime them before starting, unlike gasoline motors. Most of them can just be started with the touch of a button and you’re all ready to go.

However, like with using any gardening equipment, it’s still important to use it with adult supervision (for teens and kids) and with the right safety gear (wear shoes and the like). If the unit allows so, you can direct the chute of the grass clippings away from you so that you don’t become a mess when you’re mowing the lawn.


To wrap it up, our top pick for the best eco-friendly lawnmower is the American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Lawn Mower because of its easy pushing mechanism and the fact that it is a push-reel type, which means no noise and no consumption, making it eco-friendly. You can also adjust the blade height for cutting in the right height that you like. Also, the blades are made from heat-treated alloy steel so they will be quite durable and sharp.

While other picks here are also eco-friendly, we chose this one because of the reputable company name, as well as the noise-free and hassle-free design of this lawnmower, making it ideal for most individuals and families to use.

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