5 Best Eco-Friendly Food Containers (2023 Reviewed)

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eco food containerWe often don’t realize that we are polluting the world with packaging from our take away food containers, especially when we dispose of them from our favorite fast food restaurant or delivery service. The problem with some of these containers is that their packaging isn’t so eco-friendly.

Most of them could have inks used that can leak toxic content to the earth and some are also made of plastic that isn’t recycled once broken. This is why some people turn to reusable food containers, but how long can they last? And are you sure that these containers are made with environment-friendly content?

If you want to go green with what you use for preserving and storing your food,  you may be looking for the best eco-friendly food containers. You’re in luck because, in this article, we give you some suggestions as well as tips on finding containers for food that aren’t going to compromise the environment overall.


Best Environment Friendly Food Container Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best eco-friendly food containers:

1. Greener Chef Glass Food Storage Containers

If you are looking for ideal glass food storage containers, this one is a mix of both bamboo and glass so it’s eco-friendly overall. Each container is airtight and you get a total of 4 containers, all with different sizes. Completely plastic-free, these borosilicate glass containers are made without chemicals, toxins, BPA, or formaldehyde so your food can stay safe and fresh as you keep them.

Because the lid is made with bamboo material, it is biodegradable while the glass container is recyclable and can last for a long time. What’s more, when the container set gets delivered to your doorstep, it doesn’t use any Styrofoam to make sure nothing goes into the landfills that don’t become biodegradable.

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The smart design of the top makes the containers also applicable as mini chopping boards when you are in a hurry – bamboo can make for a decent chopping board due to its natural surface. The containers are all dishwasher-safe and can be put in the microwave just fine.

2. Avant Grub Biodegradable 6×6 Take Out Food Containers

These containers can be put in the microwave yet they are still eco-friendly since they are made with chemical-free paper. These are all plant-based and do not harbor any flame retardants or Styrofoam content. If you are hosting a party then this takeout box can be a handy giveaway to the guests.

Each of them has a clamshell hinged lid to keep the food inside. The plant resources used for each biodegradable container are from sustainable resources. What’s more, they are compostable so you can get less guilt when throwing them away.

The containers are also leak-proof so feel free to put some meals that have slight soup or sauces in them. They can be available in a pack of 100, 50, or 25. Each container measures 6 x 6 inches which can fit most single hamburgers and the like. The plant fiber that has been used here are all unbleached and naturally-processed without harsh chemicals.

3. Vanli’s LeakProof Lunch Box

For those who want a bento box or a lunch box that can be used for generations and years, this stainless steel container might be for you. It has a set of clips that can be locked into place to keep your lid from falling off, keeping the food intact inside. Since it is stainless steel, you give off no harsh chemicals to the environment when it gets thrown away.

It even has portions control inside due to the divider that you can adjust – perfect for specific diets. The leak-proof design allows you to store various kinds of food items inside. The whole container measures 16.5 x 21 x 6 cm and has a volume of 47 ounces inside.

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Because of the stainless steel design, you can just clean it up in the dishwasher. It also allows you to have a container that doesn’t get dirty too easily and doesn’t retain odor and stains. The lunch box is also impact-resistant and has a silicone seal to lock food into place. In fact, you can even put it in the freezer just fine!

4. Stockyfy Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

Silicone is generally viewed as okay for the environment and for our health because they are also used in infant items, such as baby bottles and the like. These silicone food-grade bags can be used to save up space when you don’t have enough space for large containers made of glass. They are all airtight and can help you store fruits and various other food ingredients.

All of them are BPA-free and have a zip slide seal for easy opening. You can use them for microwave heating, for boiling water, and for fridge storage. You can also use the 6 free grocery produce bags to keep your fresh fruits and veggies – these are all washable due to the mesh material, which is 100% BCI cotton mesh biodegradable material.

The set contains 10 airtight container bags, all of which are color-coded for you to identify which one contains the product or ingredient you are looking for. Also, they vary in size so you can keep even small or large items.

5. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

Containing a total of 5 in a pack, each one has 29 ounces of space and they all have 2 compartments so you can separate your food items or ingredients in clear but eco-friendly containers. They are not only leak-proof but also dishwasher-safe (minus the lids, as with most containers). You can even use them on regular ovens!

Borosilicate glass is used, which is durable and eco-friendly at the same time. You can also keep them in the fridge and/or freezer and they won’t crack. Because of their uniform sizes, stacking them onto any space can be more convenient. You can even use them as your portion diet lunch box.

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The glass material can withstand up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the container measures 5 x 7 x 2.25 inches with smart locking lids to keep your food items in place. The glass is both approved by the LFGB and the FDA and has an odorless taste.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before choosing the best eco-friendly food containers, here are FAQs that may help you:

How do I choose the best eco-friendly food containers?

Sure, there can be many containers out there that you can use for your food, but which one is really safe for the environment? Here’s how to choose one:

Know whether it’s reusable or single-use.

Keep in mind that food containers don’t really have to be reusable to be eco-friendly – some of them are single-use but are biodegradable because they are made with recycled material. However, if you do want a reusable food container, it’s best to use nature-friendly materials instead of harsh chemicals that are in the form of some cheap plastics.

Make sure it’s eco-friendly in materials.

If you want to look for storage containers that are nature-friendly, consider materials such as bamboo, recycled paper, and glass. Stainless steel is also a decent choice if you want something that can be used for a very long time. Here are the qualities of each material that can be used:

  • Stainless steel is the best for durability. You can use any food container made with stainless steel for the years to come as a bento lunch box or a simple keeper of any kind of food, especially those with sauces. In fact, you can heat it up in an oven or stove or keep it in the fridge and it will do just fine.
  • Glass is the most versatile of all the food container types. It can be put in your oven, microwave, freezer, and anywhere else, and you can also easily see the contents of your container. The only downside is that glass is delicate and must be handled with care. Borosilicate glass is the most common type of glass used for food containers.
  • Bamboo can be used as lids to replace plastic ones in the market. Bamboo can also double as a chopping board (as we mentioned with our top pick above) since it is basically natural material much like any wood in the forest. What’s more, it is less likely to have splinters.
  • Recycled paper or any kind of paper can make a good eco-friendly food container if you are just looking for disposable ones. This can be used during parties, for a restaurant, for a fast-food chain, or for your own business. You can easily deliver food without the risk of leaking if you have a food container that’s made for that purpose. Instead of using Styrofoam, which can be harmful to the environment, recycled paper is best used.
  • Silicone is less common but still eco-friendly. This is because silicone is used in most baby items, such as nipples for the baby bottles. Silicone is usually of food-grade and harmless to humans. Silicone can also be used for saving a lot of space if you can’t always have enough room for your glass containers, such as one of our picks above.

Consider durability.

Unless you want a food container that is temporary, such as those party pack food containers, do consider whether the food container is durable or not. The best material in terms of durability would be stainless steel, but we also recommend glass if you aren’t too meticulous with how fragile these containers can be.

How many containers in one pack?

Some food containers can have 4, while others have 10 or more. It depends on the pack that you want to have and how many containers they offer. Most of them will also have varying sizes while others have a standard size. If you just need something to carry food, standard-sized ones are okay, but for specific food and for travel purposes, you might want to buy the ones with varying sizes just to be sure.

How many containers do you need?

You have to know how many containers you actually need on a regular basis. Do you use them for food preparation when you go to the office or to school or do you use them for keeping food ingredients as well?

Why should I buy eco-friendly food containers?

You can reduce your plastic waste. Instead of using disposable food containers, you can buy one that is reusable. In general, plastic food containers may not be that eco-friendly and this is why most households usually depend on the glass as an eco-friendly food container.

You get fewer chemicals from your containers. These chemicals can be toxic to our health and could also leak out into the environment when we throw them away, which can be bad.

Your food can taste less plastic-like. Generally speaking, our health will be saved but we’ll also eat fewer chemicals when we eat food that’s not kept in plastic containers.

How do I use an eco-friendly food container?

To use your container, simply wash them a bit under running water when you first unpack them, just to be sure. Use them as you would with any container.

Read the instructions to know whether they are okay to be used in the microwave, oven, freezer, fridge, boiling water, and the like. You should also read which parts are okay to be in these situations


To wrap it up, our top pick for the best eco-friendly food containers is the Greener Chef Glass Food Storage Containers because they are made with glass and bamboo – a combination of two eco-friendly materials that are also durable. Since glass is microwavable, it can be helpful when storing and reheating foods. The top bamboo lid is also airtight and can be used as a makeshift cutting board!

Unlike our other picks here, this one stands from the crowd due to its double purpose design of a cutting board and a food storage container. However, all of them are made with eco-friendly materials, nonetheless, to protect your food and your health (and the landfills of the earth).


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