10 Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litter in 2023 Reviews

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Cat litter is one of the most used pet supplies. Most pet owners will tell you that clean up the litter box is the job they hate the most. Most cat litter is made with clay, but nowadays, there are some concerns because of the materials used. Some of these cat litter aren’t eco-friendly because of the use of perfumes and other odor-wicking materials or ingredients that aren’t from nature.

Natural cat litter can be made from different materials. Using a natural cat litter brings many benefits for both our planet or your kitty friends. Some forms of natural cat litter can even be flushed down the toilet. Besides, millions of pounds of clay litter come to landfills per year. By using a natural kitty litter, you can decrease that number.

This is why you may be looking for the best eco-friendly cat litter. In this article, we give you some product suggestions as well as tips on how to pick the right one for your cat. After all, cat litter shouldn’t just be any regular litter – it should still be effective and easy to clean so that you’ll have less fuss in taking care of your feline friend.


Best Biodegradable Cat Litter Reviews

Almost cat owners love this type of cat litter because of its convenience when checking off all the boxes on a wishlist. The product includes two types: clumping and non-clumping. Besides, there is another reason for consumers to prefer natural cat litter over clay litter: the safety reason.

The natural litters can be made from renewable materials, including wheat, corn, and pine. Many of them are recycled waste products, known as walnut shells or newspapers. Depending on many reviews, we compile a list of the best eco-friendly cat litter.

1. HARTZ Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Cat Litter

As cat litter that is made with clumping paper (4.3 lbs. of it, actually), this one won’t give away stinky smells due to the odor-absorbing ingredients. Unlike traditional cat litter, this one can be scooped away and it is also lightweight and made with recycled materials so it is eco-friendly.

Because it is also 99% dust-free, you won’t be breathing too many allergens in the air and your air purifier won’t be suffering as much in cleaning the air. Up to 80% of recycled paper makes up the clumping cat litter.

You also don’t have to sweat too much in picking up the cat litter because it is made to be 70% lighter than traditional ones made from clay. The clumps are also easy to find a way due to a wetness indicator – in which it turns blue – so you don’t have to do some guesswork along the way.

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Because it doesn’t stick to litter pans, cleanup on your cat’s litter box can become less of a job. One bag of this paper cat litter can be used to fill any standard litter box. Unlike the other cat litter that is made with smaller grains, this one has big grains so it’s much easier to clean them up without sticking.

2. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This one clumps pretty hard so it won’t be a fuss to clean up on your cat’s litter box. It can be up to 99.9% dust-free so those who are living with hay fever or pet allergies may not suffer as much. Natural ingredients have been used in making the cat litter, making it unscented and not irritating for your pets (and for you, too!).

It can control odor just as much as other commercial brands, but in an eco-friendly way due to the natural ingredients. You can order a bag of 18 lbs. or 40 lbs. depending on how many cats you have in the house.

No perfumes or deodorants are used in making the cat litter so it is both eco-friendly and cat-friendly. The granules are made with a medium-size so they are non-tracking and are heavy enough so that they won’t easily break apart when being used by your cat.

The clumping style also prevents the moisture from settling at the bottom so that it won’t be difficult to scrape once you start cleaning the litter box afterward. Because of its versatility, you can use it for more than just one cat litter box. The company behind this litter is also doing philanthropy work for cats without homes and need vet attention.

3. GreenCat Natural Cat Litter Odors Eliminator

This one is made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients so it is both eco-friendly and cat-friendly since your little feline friend won’t be catching any harsh chemicals. It is also made with an odor-eliminating ingredient, which is the active carbon formula, which absorbs all the odors that are in your cat’s litter box.

To use this odor eliminator all you need to do is to open the box and pour the contents onto your litter box. One box is usually best for just one standard-sized litter box. Distribute and spread the contents as evenly as possible in your cat’s litter box.

Because it is made without any extensive filters, it won’t be too bulky and difficult to clean up in your cat’s litter box, which can be the usual problem with commercial cat litter. The eliminator is made without harsh chemicals so it is safe for both your pets and their owners, as well as the environment. In fact, it has been certified by the EN and NSF regulations for being eco-friendly.

GreenCat natural cat litter was made without artificial perfumes or scents so your cat only gets natural ingredients. Each bag can fill up to 350 CC of the litter box (equivalent to 21.3 cubic inches).

4. sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

This type of natural wheat cat litter is biodegradable and 100% natural. The wheat starches quickly clump because of the moisture and liquid. Then, it makes tidying up your cat litter box low-stress and easy. Besides, for kitties with allergies, it is an excellent natural kitty litter because it does not have any silica dust.

sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter is one of the products which are safe for your sensitive cats, and it is eco-friendly. Another outstanding feature is that it is easy for you to dispose of the litter; you need to compost it or flush it down the toilet.

This litter is biodegradable, and it does not leave the harmful effect on the environment. The item is one of our top picks depending on the high-quality and eco-friendly.

5. Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat Litter

This cat litter is made from 100% reclaimed fibers so that it is an environmentally-friendly one. This type is biodegradable because it is free of chemicals and dyes. Created with Odor Shield Technology, Okocat cat litters can fight and absorb odors for up to seven days. Besides, it is great for multi-cat households, and the users can clean up a breeze because of superior clumping action.

In addition to this, the product is also extra soft for all types of cat paws. This environmentally-friendly cat litter is gentle on the paws of cats whether you have an elderly kitty or kitten at home. The reviewers say that this natural cat litter is lightweight. It is easy with the handy when disposing of the litter and replenishing it.

One of the best attractions is that the product can be compostable. Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat Litter can be an ideal choice if you prefer a natural wood pellets cat litter. With the high absorbency, this item can satisfy the consumers.

However, this type of litter is not the best one for long hair cats; it just the favorite product for the short hair ones.

6. Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter

A lot of cat owners say that Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable is one of the best eco-friendly cat litters which they have ever used. The most noticeable thing about the product is the ability to be not only biodegradable but also flushable. The reason is that all the materials are natural and environmental-friendly.

The product contains the tiny granules which are safe to flush. It is also super soft on your cat paws. Garfield does not use chemicals or fragrances; they use the natural plant-based grains so that the owners can control the odor well.

Its white color makes this product natural and special. It is useful that you can realize the changes in your cat urination easily. This item is a cat litter product to use in a mechanical litter box. Garfield Tiny Grains natural cat litter is your ideal choice based on the low dust and the granules. Obviously, it is a solid clumping for easy scooping.

7. World’s Best Natural Cat Litter

The World’s Best Natural Cat Litter can be the better choice if you worry about sustainability or the harsh ingredients in other regular cat litters. This best natural cat litter is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. It is one of the most outstanding features. Furthermore, it is still not prohibitively expensive.

You can easily control the odor because it will clump like regular clay litter. According to many reviewers and experts, World’s Best Natural Cat Litter is the first option for many consumers. Besides, it is also the top-recommended product around the world. This type of cat litter is appropriate for multiple cats, and it contains the hard-clumping action, too.

One feature making it unique and different is the lavender scent. It helps not only the cats but also cat owners comfortable and relaxed. This can be good news for people who love the smell. It bases on a corn litter with the addition of plant-based ingredients. Therefore, it leads to superior odor control. It becomes the hard clumps that are easy to scoop and safe to flush.

Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and even lightweight. The users say that this biodegradable cat litter can lump on contact and neutralize the odors almost immediately. This product gains an A+ rating with the soft and gentle granules on cat sensitive paws.

8. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter

Natural cat litter is becoming more and more common, so there are many products or brands at every price point. If you are finding the best cat litter for your pets with the low cost, Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter is an affordable option.

Be made with a unique blend of baking soda, corn, and plant extracts; this product can eliminate odors and absorb moisture. The odor control function is superior so that it can be a priority for multi-cat households.

Because of its natural materials, it can absorb twice as much liquid as the standard types, and it is also a low-dust litter. With the naturally fresh scent, many consumers can not refuse it. In addition to this, the featured function is that it is biodegradable.

According to many reviewers, it neutralizes the odors well, and the clumping ability is also reasonable with a low-dust formula. In general, this type of cat litter is the ideal option for cat owners who love the fresh scent and odor-absorbing technology at the lower cost.

9. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Litter

This cat litter contains the materials of ground walnut shells. The product has two types: clumping and non-clumping so that customers have more choices depending on their needs. It can do a decent job with odor control based on clumping ability. Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Litter is also low in dust, and this is the top pick for the best walnut-based natural cat litter.

The outstanding functions of this product in this brand is the superior odor control and excellent clumping action. Although it is environmentally-friendly and made from 100% natural materials, one bag absorbs well more than three bags of regular litter.

It has the ability of hard-clumping on contact. It is also an excellent option for multi-cat households because it neutralizes odor quickly. Also, Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Litter has free dust feature with being easy to scoop and safe to flush.

However, its color is dark, and it can be a disadvantage for people who love the color.

10. Feline Pine Natural Cat Litter

Feline Pine Natural Cat Litter contains small pellets and sawdust-like granules. This product almost does not clump, and the pellets will disintegrate as they get wet. The plus is the naturally fresh scent of pine. The benefit of cat litter made from pine is that it is very low in dust. However, the tracking function is the problem of this product, and the pine litter is not flushable as well.

With the impressive material of sustainably sourced compressed sawdust, this product is eco-friendly natural cat litter. Moreover, it is also biodegradable. With the highly absorbent as well as ammonia odors control, your boxes will smell pine-fresh for days on end.

Besides the fighting odor ability, it is also dust-free, and this makes cats who are sensitive to dusty comfortable and healthy. This type of cat litter can be the best eco-friendly cat litter because of the ability to absorb moisture well. Besides, it is also good at locking away odors even though it cannot clump like traditional clay litter.

Feline Pine Natural Cat Litter is one of the best choices for cat owners who love the fresh scent and even sustainable materials.

How do I choose the best eco-friendly cat litter?

Here are the things you need to find out when choosing the eco-friendly cat litter:

  1. Materials and ingredients used. Consider plant-based and recycled paper as good eco-friendly materials or ingredients for cat litter.
  2. Third-party certifications. This means that they have been certified by the NSF or similar parties for being eco-friendly.
  3. Clumping formula. They should clump properly and evenly so that they can be easy to remove.
  4. Dust-free. This means that they won’t circulate in the air and won’t cause unnecessary allergies.
  5. Odor elimination. Consider cat litter that eliminates odors without the use of harsh chemicals.

Why should I buy eco-friendly cat litter?

Here are the reasons why you may want to invest in eco-friendly cat litter:

  1. They’re much lighter and easier to scoop.
  2. Most are made with natural ingredients or materials.
  3. They aren’t too harsh for your cat.
  4. Most will be dust-free.
  5. You won’t throw out harsh chemicals into the wilderness.

How do I use eco-friendly cat litter?

To use your eco-friendly cat litter, all you need to do is to just open the box, pour it and spread it into the cat litter box. Remember that most eco-friendly cat litter boxes are meant for just one single litter box, which is usually in a standard size.

You can also add more cat litter if you have many cats in the house, or just have one for stock in case your cat soils the litter box too quickly. Most eco-friendly cat litter will also have a wetness indicator – they change color depending on whether they are soiled or not.

Some frequently asked questions about cat litter.

If natural cat litters are the safest?

Almost natural cat litters are safe for cats because they typically do not include any chemicals, toxins, fragrances or dyes. Natural litters for cats usually contain no dust, and this is good for cats with allergies. If you buy a dusty cat litter, this can harm your pet if your cat accidentally ingests a small bit.

How to know that the cat litter is natural?

If the materials are 100% renewable resources, it is a natural cat litter. You can read the information above to know what are the renewable resources. Besides, you can look at the packaging and label on the cat litter; it will mention the product is natural and biodegradable. However, if the label does not clearly state that the litter is biodegradable, this means it is a standard cat litter, and you should consider using it or not.

Are all environmentally friendly flushable?

Not all the eco-friendly cat litter products can be flushable. For example, a natural pellet litter is not flushable because it will easily clog pipes. Find the information on the label to determine your litter can be flushed or nor.


To wrap it up, our top pick for the best eco-friendly cat litter is the HARTZ Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Cat Litter because it is made with eco-friendly materials (recycled paper) so it won’t cause an impact to the environment and won’t empty out resources, unlike those made with clay.

It is lighter than traditional clay litter so it can be easy to use even for those who are beginners in raising cats. We chose this over the others because of the recycled paper and the dust-free mechanism that it makes when clumping. It even has a wetness indicator so you know when to clean up the cat litter when soiled.


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