10 Best Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners Reviews

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eco friendly Carpet Cleaners Pet stains, food odors, spilled drinks – you name it! Carpets are usually the ones that suffer the most in slumber parties and happenings at home, which really sucks if you wake up in the morning to see your precious carpet all ruined! But don’t worry – you can easily pick up a regular carpet cleaner to do the job, right?

The problem with carpet cleaners is that most of them are still toxic to the environment. But how can you clean up a carpet without strong chemicals? This is why you may be looking for the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners, which are usually made with plant-based ingredients.

These ingredients are non-toxic and won’t give too much compromise to the environment yet they can do the job of cleaning pet stains and other unnecessary odor from your carpet. They can be used for manual cleaning and even for steam cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about how to use them.



Best Environment Carpet Cleaners Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners:

1. Carpet Miracle – Concentrated Machine Shampoo

We chose this non-toxic carpet cleaner because it is made with biodegradable ingredients, so they won’t compromise the health of the fishes in rivers and the like. It can be used for all steam cleaners, cleaning machines, and anything that you’ll want to use to clean up your carpet and deodorize it.

All you need is 1 oz. to 1 gallon of water to use this carpet cleaner (each bottle is at 32 fl. oz.) and you’re all set. It is even cruelty-free and is made in the USA. As a bonus, you’re even doing something good because 10% of the profit goes to help animals.

The formula can clean up your carpets that have been soiled with food stains, pet odors, and the like. You can use it for a majority of brands of carpet cleaners, such as Bissel, Hoover, and the like.


2. Puracy Natural Carpet Cleaner Detergent Shampoo

Coming from a company that usually sells environmentally friendly products, this carpet cleaner and shampoo is made with natural and plant-based ingredients so you can feel at ease with its less impact on the environment. It can be used by machine cleaners but you can also use it for manual hand cleaning. Made from Austin, Texas, this carpet shampoo can also work well for upholstery and it has a fresh citrus scent.

Each bottle is at 25 fl. oz. and can give you up to 20 gallons of cleaning solution, which can be ideal for most carpet sizes. It can remove carpet soils, stains, odors, and the like.

The formula has never been tested on animals and is also made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. The formula is also vegan and hypoallergenic so it won’t likely cause skin irritations when you accidentally spill some on your hands.


3. Nature’s Miracle Deep Cleaning Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Shampoo

This carpet shampoo can be used with carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, or manual cleaving and it has a deep cleaning formula. It can penetrate into carpet fibers and even upholstery so it can work just like the commercial ones minus the harsh chemicals.

It uses bio-enzymatic odor locking technology and it can also be used for colored carpet and won’t ruin the vibrant colors. When you use it according to its instructions, the carpet shampoo can be safe even on homes with pets.

You can even use it for upholstery and furniture – even the ones in your car! As with most carpet cleaners, it is best used with hot water so that no residue will be left on the carpet. You can use it for various cleaner brands, such as Bissel, and it may even be ideal for those with pets frequently urinating on carpets.


4. Naturally, It’s Clean Carpet Spot-Treat

For those who’d like to do chemical-free spot treating, this one comes in a spray bottle (2-pack) at 24 ounces each. It is made without toxic chemicals and has only natural ingredients. It can remove tough stains and odors without being harsh to pets, children, and plants. It is made with lemon essential oil for a clean scent.

It uses natural enzymes, which are biodegradable, which can melt away pet stains, food soils, and the like. It was made without artificial fragrances and can be used on any target surface of a carpet (or upholstery).

The formula is also never tested on animals so those who like vegan and cruelty-free products may like it. It is even hypoallergenic for those with skin sensitivities. You can even use it in a wool rug due to its natural ingredients that won’t ruin expensive carpets.


5. Huntson Natural Soy-Based Carpet Cleaner

Yet another carpet cleaner that is made with a spray bottle design, this can be used for organic carpet cleaning since it is made with soy (plant-based) as its main ingredient, which won’t be harsh to the environment, to your skin, to your pets, kids, plants, and of course, to your carpet. Each 16-ounce bottle is made with citrus essential oils as well to give off a clean scent.

You don’t need gloves to clean with this formula since it is plant-based and yet removes odors and stains. It was made without bleach, SLS, sulfates, animal by-products, perfumes, brighteners, artificial dyes, petrochemicals, and other chemicals that are not eco-friendly.

The bottles are all 100% recycled as well and are biodegradable so you can feel less guilty about throwing it into the dumpsite.


6. Spot Chomp World’s Best Carpet Stain Remover

The fact that it contains no artificial irritants, scents, and the like makes it a green carpet cleaner. This one is also hypoallergenic so it can be both a baby-safe carpet cleaner and a pet-safe one. It also works without fading the colors so you can use it on colored and vibrant rugs and carpets.

You can use it for standard stains from food, pets, grease, drinks, and the like. Its formula quickly dissolves it and since it dries off as well, vacuuming it afterward can be a breeze. You can even use it for expensive carpets due to the stain resistance that is left after cleaning.

Tested and certified by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) for standards in cleaning, this one is not only eco-friendly, but it is also multi-use as it can be used on clothes, furniture, upholstery, and other fabric.


7. Clean+Green Professional Strength Carpet

As a carpet cleaner, this one uses a spray mechanism to remove pet odor and stains as a spot-treatment formula. It was made with natural ingredients, such as cane sugar, plant extracts, and purified water, making it safe for babies, pets, plants, mattresses, and your carpet.

The formula comes in 14 ounces per bottle and you can order 1, 2, or 4 bottles at once. There is no need to soak or rinse it, or even scrub it, because of its spray mechanism. Scrubbing sometimes makes the color fade fast so if you want to use one for expensive carpets, this one could be a choice for you.

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It is also unscented and hypoallergenic for those with sensitivities, which is given since it is made with eco-friendly products. Since it uses nitrogen as a natural propellant, it is non-toxic and won’t harm the ozone layer.


8. Safe Solutions TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner

With each bottle in 16 ounces or 32 ounces, this one can be used for various surfaces, other than your carpets, such as tiles, wood, stainless steel, glass, and other fabrics. This enzyme cleaner was made with a pH-balanced formula so it is non-toxic and all-natural.

It is also hypoallergenic for those with skin sensitivity while it is not harmful to pets, kids, plants, and the like. It can eliminate most odor and stains while not ruining your carpet’s color and structure.

Aside from cleaning your carpets, you can even use it on plants that have been infested with mites, such as russet mites. Since it has a mint scent that isn’t too overpowering, you can use it as an air freshener at home. It can even be used on rugs, upholstery, and the like.


9. Absolutely Clean Laundry Stain & Odor Remover

Yet another spray bottle laundry stain remover, this one can remove food odor, stains, grease, and the like – even red wine stains! It also works for mold and mildew buildup on old or soggy rugs and carpets.

Since it is made without harsh chemicals, it won’t leave any residue behind. Since it is made in Colorado, USA, it can be a reputable company for making safe and eco-friendly household products. Without harsh chemical fumes, the formula is also biodegradable.

It can even be used on clothes that have been heavily stained, as well as bags and shoes. It is made with natural formula and can even be used on hot water cycles on your washing machine. It is pet-safe and kid-friendly as well due to the natural enzymes that act as odor and stain removers.


10. Earth Friendly Products Pet Naturals Stain and Odor Remover

As a pet-safe odor remover for carpets, this one contains 32 ounces per bottle and can work best for pet stains, pet odors, and the like that are left in your carpet or upholstery. It was made with a blend of lemon oil, enzymes, and surfactants so your pet stains are removed without harsh chemicals.

What’s more, the stain remover for carpets is made with biodegradable, plant-based active ingredients so that it won’t have a bad impact on the environment. Since it is pH balanced, it also won’t harm your skin or damage the carpet fabric. You can even use it if you have a septic tank or greywater system.

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You can even use a filling dispenser to clean your carpets with it. The formula can even work on urine stains on wool rugs and even braided rugs, other than a regular carpet.



Guidelines to follow while purchasing Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners

When choosing the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners, here are some FAQs you may need to know first:


Why should I invest in eco-friendly carpet cleaners?

Buying an eco-friendly carpet cleaner can help you fulfill the following:

  1. Less toxic waste to the environment. A carpet cleaner with less toxic ingredients won’t kill fish and other animals in the wild. They can be safe for vegetation (see below) and will also reduce the amount of toxic waste we throw out into the wild.
  2. Hypoallergenic formula. This means that it can be safe for your skin if you accidentally got them on your hands while cleaning.
  3. Kid-safe. Nothing makes you feel at ease more than something that is kid-safe in the formulation since most of these carpet cleaners are water-based.
  4. Pet-friendly. This means that there’s less likelihood of Fido or Tabby being poisoned due to harsh chemicals. After all, some cleaners are not tested on animals, too.
  5. Carpet-friendly. An eco-friendly carpet cleaner can be gentle on even the most expensive carpets – even wool!
  6. Less harsh smells. We all know that harsh chemical smells turn you off, but eco-friendly ones don’t have that!
  7. Works for both manual and steam cleaning. Most of these cleaners can work for both manual and machine cleaning.
  8. Vegetation-friendly. They will less likely kill your plants and most likely clean up stains.


What should I look for in eco-friendly carpet cleaners?

Look for these important features when choosing an ideal eco-friendly carpet cleaner:

  1. Made with no harsh chemicals. Ensure that they have no bleach and whatever chemical that is harsh to you and the environment.
  2. Natural or plant-based ingredients. Most of these are made with plant-based ingredients and without harsh chemicals added.
  3. Fast-acting formula. Ensure that the carpet cleaner works like your regular chemical-filled carpet cleaner minus the toxicity.
  4. Pet-friendly and kid-safe. Consider ones that are made with formulas that are safe for kids and pets.
  5. No strong smells. Look for one that has no harsh chemicals or strong scents to avoid allergies.
  6. Third-party certifications. These can help you decide on which carpet cleaner and the company has set standards for eco-friendliness.
  7. Multiple uses. This means that you should pick your carpet cleaner depending on what you intend to clean your carpet with. Some will use a steam carpet cleaner to do the job for thorough cleaning.

Others will just clean up their carpets manually since they have sunny weather and don’t have a big carpet. Some will also prefer sprays for quick cleaning since they don’t leave out soapy residue.


How do I use eco-friendly carpet cleaners?

To use your eco-friendly carpet cleaner, simply follow the instruction on mixing depending on its concentration and what you are going to treat. All cleaners have a different way of mixing.

  • An eco-friendly carpet cleaner that is meant to be soaked is usually mixed with water or diluted.
  • Those cleaners that are in spray bottles and are for spot-treatment don’t need to be rinsed depending on the instructions.
  • Most of these eco-friendly carpet cleaners can also be used on carpet cleaners so look for the instructions on your unit on filling it up.



To wrap it up, our top pick for the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners is the Carpet Miracle – Concentrated Machine Shampoo because it is made with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, which can help it to be eco-friendly. It is easy to use and can work just fine for carpets and even upholstery in cleaning food stains and pet messes.

We chose this carpet shampoo or cleaner over the rest because of its cleaning power. Because it can even be used on steam cleaners, it can be helpful for those who don’t want to manually clean their carpets all the time (or don’t have the time to do it, anyway).


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