5 Best Eco-Friendly Bags for Cat Litter in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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eco-friendly bags for cat litterThe world isn’t exactly getting better in terms of waste management. However, where will we throw soiled cat litter other than plastic bags? That’s where eco-friendly bags come in handy for Tabby or Tiger.

You may be looking for the best eco-friendly bags for cat litter, which we have in this article. Among the benefits of using eco-friendly bags is that you can reduce the overall environmental impact of anything that you throw in the dumpsite that comes from your cat.

Cat litter bags are no different from plastic bags that you use to fill up trash with, and that’s why there is a need to go for a solution that is less harmful to the environment. From veggie-based products to organic materials that are biodegradable, there can be many choices for you if you want to go green when throwing kitty’s poop and urine-soiled cat litter away.


What should I look for in eco-friendly bags for cat litter?

True enough, it can be difficult to look for cat litter bags if you don’t know how to choose one. Worry no more – we have prepared some quick criteria for you to look in a cat litter bag to ensure that it is eco-friendly, durable, safe, and reliable:

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Materials used.

Plant-based materials are the best way to go when you want to buy the best eco-friendly bag for cat litter. Usually, manufacturers will use corn starch or corn-based materials since it can dissolve up to 90 days at most.

Thick construction.

You may want to look for cat litter bags that are so thick that they won’t easily get punctured to let out some of the bad odor. Consider knowing the thickness of the bag so that any of the soiled cat litter won’t leak out – which can be bad news if it ends up in water streams.


By having a durable cat litter bag, it also means that it is odor-locking. We all know that cat poop and urine are both two of the smelliest messes in the world, hence we need to completely trap them even better than with what we do with the regular trash.


Let’s face it – not all pet owners have good noses. Some have allergies to fragrances and maybe even their cat has them, too! That’s why it’s more convenient to go for a cat litter bag that has unscented properties. This means no chemical smells from factories or whatsoever.

Easy to open up.

Nothing beats the convenience of a cat litter bag that is easy to open up, especially if you are in a hurry trying to get rid of that soiled (and smelly) cat litter from your apartment or room. Some bags can be difficult to open, which can also make it messier when you’re trying to clean up a cat litter box and get all the yucky mess on your hands. Gross!

Large size.

It can benefit all kinds of cats if they have a large-sized cat litter bag since their owner won’t have to use more than one bag to the house in all that mess. You may also want to grab XL sizes if you have multiple cats at home.

It can be ordered in bulk.

Some cat litter bags can be ordered in more than 30 rolls, which can be sufficient for your sudden needs in case of emergencies. Buying in bulk is usually better since you can save much more in the long run.

Third-party certifications.

By having ASTM D6400-certified materials in the list, you are ensuring that your cat’s mess doesn’t leak into the environment and the material used for the bag isn’t going to bring chemicals out there.

Best Biodegradable Cat Litter Bags Reviews

With that said above, here are our top picks for the best eco-friendly bags for cat litter:

Doggy Do Good  Biodegradable Poop Bags XL Cat Litter

This vegetable-based cat litter bag can be used for any cat litter or even poop. Unlike plastic, the materials are actually quite durable and competitive so they are less likely to leak out odor (and gross cat waste) when you throw them out. Each pack contains XL-sized bags and each pack has a total of 30 on a single roll, measuring 17 x 11 inches each.

As a biodegradable and plastic-free cat litter bag, this one can break down in as fast as 90 days so you won’t feel guilty about throwing it away into the dumpsite. Due to the fact that it has a 20-micron thickness, it can add to its durability and leak-proof properties.

What’s more, it has easy-tie handles so you don’t have to fuss over handling all the yucky mess that your cat made.

Key Features

  • Biodegradable
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Thick construction
  • Comes in XL-sized bags
  • Easy-tie handles

In the long run, we think that the Biodegradable Poop Bags XL Cat Litter can be a good pick for those who want a plant-based litter bag.

EcoLeo Cat Litter Waste Poop Bags

As a set of plant-based (vegetable) eco bags for cat litter, this one can fit most standard-sized cat litter scoopers so there’s no more worry having to dispose of cat litter with a smaller bag. It measures 10 x 18 inches when closed and 15 x 18 inches when opened.

Since it is corn-based, you can be assured that it is plastic-free and eco-friendly as well. The whole bag can decompose naturally due to being biodegradable. What’s more, the corn can also make it durable, odor-free, and leak-proof.

In addition, it has an easy-tie set of handles for quick and mess-free disposal. But wait – there’s more! You can order the waste bag with different count sizes, up to 300 in a pack (great for multi-cat homes or if your cat “uses the toilet” a lot more than others do).

Key Features

  • Large enough to fit standard scoops
  • Various count sizes are available
  • Easy-tie handles
  • Corn-based materials
  • Biodegradable

Overall, the EcoLeo Cat Litter Waste Poop Bags can be ideal for those who want a large size for litter box scoops.

Earth Rated Poop Bags

If you tend to be allergic to smells of plastic and fragrances, this unscented bag can be for you (or for your cat, if they have scent allergies, too). It measures 7 x 13 inches so it can be ideal for homes with fewer or smaller cats. This litter bag is also leak-proof as a cat litter bag and it can lock in bad smells due to the thickness of the material.

It gets better – each pack has 120 bags so you don’t have to keep buying again when you need it. Also, it even has recycled material on the packaging so you basically throw away products that are fully biodegradable.

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Since it also has easy-tie handles, it can make the process easier for you when dumping soiled cat litter to the trash bin. They also open up quite easily which can be helpful if you’re in a hurry trying to get rid of smelly cat litter.

Key Features

  • No scent
  • Leak-proof
  • Each pack has 120 bags
  • Recycled material packaging
  • Easy-open and tie-up

Do you want an unscented cat litter bag? The Earth Rated Poop Bags can be a nice choice for you.

EcoLeo Refills Litter Genie Refill Bags

Cat owners who have the Little Genie litter box yet don’t want to spend a fortune on official refill bags may want to check this one out as an alternative. It even fits other models similar to the Little Genie, such as Pet Genie, Litter Locker, and Litter Champ, allowing you to dispose of cat litter without a lot of fuss.

There are 2 sizes available: regular and XL for different needs. All the bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable due to being made with a signature NeoGreen film, which has no BPA or polyethylene, which means it is friendly towards the environment.

Worry no more about tying knots – this one can be opened and set into your Little Genie or similar cat waste disposal bin. What’s more, it is even unscented to cater to owners and cats that are often put off by strong scents.

Key Features

  • A cheaper alternative to official Little Genie refills
  • BPA-free and polyethylene-free
  • Biodegradable
  • No need to tie knots

If you own the Little Genie cat litter box, the EcoLeo Refills Litter Genie Refill Bags can be an alternative refill for the plastic bags for quick and mess-free disposal!

Mufei Biodegradable Poop Bags

Are you looking for a black bag that makes cat litter discreetly kept inside? This cat litter bag is one of them – it even has ASTM D6400-certified materials, such as vegetables.

This allows it to be biodegradable yet durable at the same time. Each bag has a size of 9 x 13 inches, which can be ideal for most soiled cat litter. And that’s not all – it even has no unnecessary fragrances to make sure you and your cat won’t smell anything strange and chemical-like.

You can order up to 30 rolls depending on your needs, especially for multiple cats. Corn starch is used as its primary ingredient so not only is it renewable – it also breaks down easily when it ends up in the landfill (up to 90 days at most).

Key Features

  • Biodegradable corn starch material
  • No unnecessary fragrances
  • Black color, easy to hide contents
  • Can be ordered in bulk
  • Thick construction to avoid leaks

For pet owners who prefer to use black bags for cat litter, the Mufei Biodegradable Poop Bags can be for you.

How do I use cat litter bags?

You can easily use cat litter bags just as you would when taking out the trash. But for cat litter boxes, here are some easy steps (to refresh you):

  1. Scoop the litter into the bag. The first step that you do is to scoop the litter from the litter box into the litter bag. You may need to have a properly-sized scoop to do this in the most sanitary way, or, you could always wear gloves for protection.
  2. Tie up the bag to avoid odor. Just like how you would dispose of diapers, tie up the cat litter bag to lock in any kind of odor away.
  3. Use another bag to seal it up. Get a second bag just to make sure that it doesn’t leak out the odor when it gets dragged into the dumpsite.
  4. Tie the second bag again. Usually, many eco-friendly bags for cat litter out there (that we’ve mentioned) have an easy-tie handle design that makes it easy to do this.
  5. Throw it in the trash wait for the dump truck. And, just like with any trash that you have at home, throw it away when it’s nicely tied and locked.

Is it safe to bury cat litter and the bag?

Yes and no – it really depends on whether your cat litter is made with biodegradable material and if your bag is also biodegradable.

It is only safe to bury your cat litter if the bag is made with plant-based ingredients, such as vegetables, corn, and the like. For the cat litter, it needs to be plant-based as well, such as pine wood.


As a whole, cat litter cleaning doesn’t have to be yucky and harmful to the environment all the time – you can use eco-friendly bags that create less mess while also give less impact to the dumpsites due to the biodegradable nature!

If you have a cat at home or know someone who keeps cats, tell them that using eco-friendly bags can be a better solution in reducing the waste we humans throw away (and can also keep all that gross smell and cat poop toxins away from the waterways).


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