Why Plants in the Home are Good For You


I don't need much convincing that green = good. Spaces in my home are dotted with aloe vera, cactuses, flowers from the garden and cuttings from the wild. But plants in the home take management, and if looking after living things usually ends up with dead things a few weeks later for you, I totally get how house plants would be a serious no no. You can learn the tricks of keeping plants alive though and, the benefits of having them around are more, well, beneficial than you might think! Here are a handful of reasons as to why plants in the home are good for you…

1. They help us breathe

Here’s some science: we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite in the daytime (it’s called photosynthesis), making humans and plants great cohabiting partners. The more of them around, the more oxygen we get access to and that’s nice


2. They clean the air from pollutants

Man, plants are SO clever. NASA (and others) did a big investigation in to plant power and pollutants following fear around the dangerous levels of toxins us humans have let in to our environments.  They show that both the leaves and the roots of plants have the ability to remove low levels of bad stuff like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air, improving its quality and our health. A house plant every 10 yards or so is believed to be best for ensuring optimum detoxing of the air you breathe (with a quick google you can find the plants rated best for cleaning air)


3. They make you happy

I didn’t need to read the studies to believe this one but there are some! Having plants around has shown to decrease stress levels and up your sense of wellbeing – more calm, more inspired, more creative and more relaxed. Lovely


4. Looking after plants is therapeutic

Beyond all the other benefits, taking the time out of your day to water and nurture your plants is good for you. It requires you to put down your phone, zone out and tune in to nature. I’ve written before on how the outdoors is good for you, so I totally believe in the benefits of bringing the outdoors in too. Watching life grow and caring for it is another way to enact the ‘go slow’ lifestyle


All in all it’s clear that plants in the home are good for you. So take the time and, if you can, invest in a few pot plants- you’ll be investing in a healthier home and happier you as you do.

Why Plants in the Home are Goof For You | It can be tricky looking after houseplants - but it is definitely something you can learn! Once you have read these benefits of having plants and why plants in the home are good for you, you'll want to run straight to the nursery! | Living with Nature by The Foraged Life