What happens without wifi?


Peace, that's what.

That'll come after the first 24-72 hours of sheer panic anyway.

Landing in South Africa, moving into a home without wifi and to a phone running on limited data (remember credit?), I've had to adjust to not being constantly ‘plugged in.’

I’m here to report though that there is life on the other side of wifi! It might be a life of more solitude, what with not being connected to every man, woman, their dog’s and their cat selfies, but it’s a rich one. And I’ve just about found my groove in it. I mean ‘just’ too. My wifi free days are still dotted with moments of fear from not knowing what’s going on in the world (/instagram) but those are quickly sedated by the alternatives.

This is what I’m relearning happens without wifi:


1. I create more

When I don’t use every idle moment scrolling through pinterest, I make the things I pinned. Since being unplugged and genuinely hands free I’ve been painting, writing and upcycling. Having the space for this sort of creativity has opened up new streams of inspiration, having a knock on effect on most other things around me


2. I talk more

I’m an introvert so I get it if this isn’t an appealing perk to you in going without wifi. I’m also prone in my introversion however to love meaningful conversations. Going without wifi has meant I sit across from those I live with, look at the lines and expressions on their faces and talk! I’ve become re-introduced to the art of storytelling and it’s a good, good thing


3. I rest more

When surfing the web till I'm blue in the face is off the cards, I have found myself chilling more. Having wifi switched off has enabled my body to switch off. I am intentional about breathing more deeply, I’m practicing yoga from my bed, and my brain has a lot less tabs open because of it


4. I see more

I’ve got a new perspective now, one that isn’t so pixelated. From my favourite spots of my bed and a tree stump outside my door, I’ve become an avid observer of what’s happening in front of me. The amount of incredible birds, insects and mammals I’ve discovered, and that I missed when my head was down and locked to the screen, is crazy. It’s a whole new world and it’s in chirping, buzzing, life-giving colour


5. I think more

Remember when you were little and ‘I’m borrrreeeed’ was your whiney mantra? Until now, I had been filling those moments with scrolling through other people’s moments; constantly ‘entertained.’ In doing so I lost the space to think and unpack my thoughts and going’s on like I used to when I was ‘bored’ and forced to look out the window and daydream. Without wifi there is the space to reconnect with myself, to imagine and to reset my brain


Take the challenge of unplugging and going without wifi a go. I’ll place good money that it won’t be a challenge for long (post 24-72 hours). Let me know how it goes!

What happens without wifi? | Living without wifi can be a petrifying idea in our 21st century, hyper-connected, world. But living without wifi can result in living more closely with nature and a better, more rich life. Take a look at what it has done for me | Living with Nature by The Foraged Life