Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis // Dorset, UK

 Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis // Dorset, UK | The Foraged Life

'No we don’t have Coca Cola, we serve fresh apple juice, because no matter which one of our restaurants you are visiting you can pretty much guarantee that there’s an apple orchard within a 20-mile radius producing gallons of the stuff.

No, we don’t have highchairs because we believe that if your child is too tiny to sit up on their own they should sit on your lap...

And no, we don’t sell marmalade, we have local jams – and will continue to do so until oranges are grown in this country.'

Their ethos packs a punch.

Thankfully their food, coffee, bakes and vibe matches their community-centered story.

You'll sit among strangers on the benches at the bakery, asking them to pass the salt and pepper like you are round your family dinner table. If you make it for the lunch shift you'll eat hearty stews and soups out of bowls made from bread which you can guarantee the freshness of because you can see them being made. If I'm in Lyme for the day, I'll chance an early lunch at the bakery, a coastal trek and then a literal slab of cake back at the bakery base camp. It's that good.

These guys, with their uncompromising values that rate the handcrafted over convenience, will flip conventional foody experiences on their head. Then you'll leave, pretty stoked and, remembering what you had, making sure you pay at the door. It's making loyal mates over keeping tabs for the Town Mill team.

Big fan right here.