Tips for Going Zero Waste


I thought it about time for some tips for going zero waste following Litterless’s Celia giving us an intro to all things zero waste back in April. Brilliantly, that post is one of my most read which says this is something people are interested in or at least baffled by...

Baffled probably isn’t wrong. If you haven’t heard the term ‘zero waste’ before it might not make sense, let alone seem actually doable. But it is, it really is. Even if producing no waste isn’t on your to-do list, these tips from Celia will certainly help you stop having to take the bins out so often:


1. Compost

Food waste isn’t rubbish – given the chance to decompose, it will become a rich soil that we can use to grow even more food. Once you start composting, you’ll notice the amount of rubbish you make dropping rapidly. Food scraps, wood, cotton, linen, and lots of other materials can go straight into the compost. If you’re able to, you can set up a simple back garden composting system (something like this) or else see what your local council is doing with food waste by getting in touch with them


2. Shop Smarter

By bringing your own cotton bags to the grocery store or farmers’ market to use instead of those clingy plastic bags, you’ll be able to buy fruits and veggies without making waste. Many shops (especially in the cities) offer a bulk foods aisle where you can decant unpackaged pantry staples (such as whole grains, snacks, and spices) into jars and bags you’ve brought from home. If you’re new to the bulk aisle, I’ve put together a how-to guide to get you started (it’s easy!). If there aren’t any shops like that around perhaps you could start a coop with your friends or neighbours and buy grains in more industrial sizes which you can then share, producing less waste and saving money


3. Think Twice

Part of living more simply and sustainably is figuring out what we need to live and thrive and what we don’t. Though my instinct used to be that “more is better,” I’ve slowly been re-training myself to say no to the things I don’t need. The grocery store sample in a plastic cup, the free pen, the item on sale. Simply put, the less I bring in to my house, the less that needs to go out as rubbish...

Thanks Celia! Check out Litterless to dig even deeper into this zero waste stuff and let us know what you think. Doable? Already doing it? Got some tips for us? Share away.

*This post was adapted from the original by Celia over here

Tips for Going Zero Waste | Zero Waste can be a bit baffling but with these simple tips from Litterless's Celia you'll see how living closer to Zero Waste is absolutely doable! | Eco-Friendly Living by The Foraged Life