The Level Collective // Adventure Inspired Apparel

The Level Collective at Old Harry's Rocks // Adventure Inspired Apparel | Eco-Friendly Brands found by The Foraged Life

When it comes to clothes I usually buy second hand. When I don’t buy second hand I try hard to buy well made. And by 'well made' I mean brands who have taken into consideration where they source their material, the impact on the environment in the production of this raw material and the well being of the workers who made it- among other thingsThe Level Collective, an independent clothing company for adventurers based in the UK, fits that 'well-made' bill to a tee. I met Mark, the man behind The Level Collective, to hear a little more on The Level Collective conscious way of doing things...

Volunteering in Romania, way back when, Mark was involved in a project where local Roma communities were taught how to crochet. As Mark saw the difference this was making in their lives, he was met with a lightbulb moment of the potential, through business, to lift families out of the vicious cycles of poverty by earning a sustainable income.

Beyond that, this experience made Mark go back to the basic questions that so many of us forget to consider as we make purchases. Questions like, who made my clothes? In what conditions? and were they paid fairly? 

With this experience and these thoughts percolating away Mark came to the conclusion that he needed to create something that fit the 'ethical' bill when it came to clothing. 

...And The Level Collective was born.

What that looks like for The Level Collective, who are now established worldwide, is that at a base line, workers who contribute to The Level Collective process are guaranteed fair pay, fair working hours, good conditions and rights.

When it comes to the actual pieces, every material that makes it into The Level Collective apparel collection has been delicately considered. The 100% organic crew neck sweaters are manufactured using only renewable green energy from wind and solar power. Some t-shirts are made in Turkey with a 70% Bamboo 30% Organic cotton blend, while others are made in India from 100% cotton. As for Mark's favourite - the Big Bob Beanie - they're hand made in Romania in collaboration with a social enterprise that creates opportunities for families to help themselves out of poverty. Yes!

More than all these considered eco-credentials, The Level Collective's designs are hand created by UK artists and screen printed with eco-inks up north in their Sheffield base, beautifully celebrating UK skill! Add in that The Level Collective's apparel keeps you all set for some good adventuring and you can see why I'm a fan.

Good things like The Level Collective should be celebrated. Sure, this stuff might cost more. It should do! No one loses out that way. And when it comes down to it, the saving on people’s lives and on the earth we share is priceless.

Well done Level Collective!

*My sister, Little Ro, is wearing one of my fave jumpers by The Level Collective in these pics from our latest adventure to Old Harry