Take Part In The Big Garden Bird Watch

The big garden bird watch by the RSPB | Living with Nature by The Foraged Life

[Excuse me while I geek out a minute]. 

Calling all birders, twitchers and nature lovers: we need you! That's right, the RSPB (that's the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds FYI) need our help and we can give it by simply taking an hour to count the birds we can spot in our garden across the 27th to the 29th of January. Say hello to the Big Garden Bird Watch.

If you've not heard of the RSPB before, or have but have never really known what they get up to, well, let me introduce them. They're the largest conservation charity in the country and exist to protect the nature we love. A big part of how they do that is by creating reserves - spaces where wildlife can thrive. Not only that but they tackle threats to the species we love by focusing on research, policy work and conservation to keep those numbers from declining. Yep. They're the good guys. 

One way in which you can participate in the great work they are doing to protect our wildlife is by joining the Big Garden Bird Watch this coming weekend. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is:

1. Choose a good place to watch your garden from

for an hour from 27-29 January 2018

Choose a spot from your house that gives you a good view of the garden. Set yourself up with a comfy spot and plenty of tea (just as the RSPB recommend!) and make sure you have a notebook to jot down what you see. It might be helpful to have a bird guidebook to hand too in case you aren't so hot on your species (I've shared a link to find a good second hand at the bottom of this post). No garden? Just head to your local green space instead.


2. Relax and watch the birds

Enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature (there are lots of them), while remembering to document the birds you spot within a full hour.


3. Count the maximum number of each species you

see at any one time

As the RSPB explain: If you see a group of three house sparrows together and later another two, and after that another one, the number to submit is three. That way, it’s less likely you’ll double-count the same birds.


4. Tell the RSPB what you have seen

After your hour is up head to the Big Garden Birdwatch website and tell the RSPB what you have seen.

The RSPB have been running the Big Garden Bird Watch for forty years and the data they have collected has allowed them to monitor trends in bird life, giving them the tools to do the best job possible in conserving our precious birdlife. Ergo being part of the Big Garden Bird Watch is invaluable. 

Let me know if you take part and what you spot if

you do!

Take Part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch | Living with Nature by The Foraged Life