Stitch and Forage // An E-course for Summer


‘Made for people with a touch of wild in their hearts.’

That’s what the Stitch and Forage e-course is. It’s also the reason why I am chuffed to be a part of it.

Most of my favourite memories are set in summer; swimming in rivers, trundling my foraging basket along hedgerows and the seashore, eating and drinking with friends and family in the garden or on the beach across those long and lazy evenings.

Stitch and Forage is a practical guide to making this summer one that is full of the best kind of stories. It’s about natural summer living on a budget- fitting around the time you have and the madness of the world you live in.

Lovingly crafted by my friends (Natasha from Forage Botanicals and Hannah from Seeds and Stitches), the Stitch and Forage e-course is self-paced and filled with goodness under the four banners of ‘Forage,’ ‘Make,’ ‘Gather,’ and ‘Tend.’ I’ve had a sneak peak at it and it’s a beautiful beautiful thing, including how-to’s, videos and inspiration on:

• How to survive hay fever with herbal remedies • The joy of camping; both maximalist and minimalist • Styling a Summer dinner party • A guide to Summer beers • Simple, useful Summer crafts • How to make your own Summer sour • Recipes for seasonal foods • Taking care of your skin in the sun • Nature meditation • The best holiday, garden and beach reads • Simple ways to entertain kids • Ideas to have a more mindful, eco-Summer

(Plus a couple of how-to’s from me).

Honestly, the stuff within the Stitch and Forage pages is brilliant. It’s for those of you who are up for crafting a summer which is more wild, more lovely, more gentle (and absolutely achievable). Everything that The Foraged Life is about for me basically.

It launches tomorrow, its £30 and it’s worth every penny.

If you want to have it land in your inbox then click on this link (as an affiliate, doing it through this link means I get a portion of the pennies and can keep The Foraged Life doing it's thing). You could also click on the badge over on the right hand side of the page too.

Shout if you want any more info and otherwise I’ll hopefully catch you sharing your #stitchandforage stories over on Instagram.

I can hear the glasses filled with summer beers clinking already.