Rosemary & Lemon Body Scrub Recipe

Rosemary and lemon body scrub recipe | Eco friendly living - The Foraged Life

Four ingredients plus a jam jar and you've got yourself a sweet scrub to exfoliate your body: Say hello to your own rosemary and lemon body scrub! No longer will you have to spend cash on buying this from the shops, with this simple recipe.

My brilliant friend from over at Sailing Words and I went for a rosemary and lemon infused body scrub because that's what we found in her wild South African garden when we got together a little while back. It's literally that simple; you can pop any good smelling thing from your garden or kitchen cupboard in to this scrub-a-dub-rub as well as subsitute all of the other ingredients for similar aternatives.

Grab a hunk of sugar that matches the amount you want to make (unbleached and fairtrade is preferenced - you could also use a coarse salt as an alternative). Choose your oil - we went for coconut but you could use olive, almond or any other type you have in your cupboard. Add scents that your nose will love, such as rosemary leaves and the zest and juice of one lemon. Mix all these together and that's you done! If you wanted to make a more abrasive scrub for some serious exfoliation then use less oil, adding more if you are looking for a more soothing, moisturising type scrub. For example quantities: for one cup of sugar add 3-4 TBSP of oil and the zest and juice of one small lemon + leaves of 3 rosemary sprigs.

Lemon and rosemary don't only work well with your dinner dish- they are natural gems with properties that make them a great addition to homemade and homegrown delights like this scrub. Rosemary is said to be a great soother for muscle pain as well as for skin irritations like eczema. And lemons, well lemons are good for skin ailments like eczema and acne too, as well as being an unparalleled go-to for energising your wary self and getting your mornings off to a fresh start.

To use, just scoop some in to your palm when in the bath or shower and rub it into your skin in a circular motion, washing off when you have given yourself a good scrubbing.

In a nutshell what you have here is a pretty cheap, easy, good for you body scrub that makes a cracking present to yourself ( + all other people). And technically it's edible too... 

A simple rosemary and lemon body scrub recipe | Eco-friendly living - The Foraged Life