Rivers and Row Boats // Oxford, UK

 Rivers and Row Boats // Oxford, UK - The Foraged Life

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in the sorts of adventures and encounters with the wild we might have. Days get impossibly short and the rains get determinedly prolific.

This is no excuse however to not dick about on a row boat at every opportunity that presents itself prior to the river turning to ice.

That's certainly how I chose to while away my youth anyways. Marooning friends on the islands that stand in the middle of the river, having row boat races and on occasion, being commandeered by a stag do in charge of a canal boat and plied (as 16 year olds) with gin and tonic.

Yep, this portion of the river Thames is brimming with memories for me.

With those crisper sort of sunny days that we will have to play with as we see in Autumn, its a hearty recommendation from me to grab a boat, flask, some home-made's and some friends and head on to the river.

I might just while away my adulthood this way too.

I always head to the Salters Steamers hut headquarters at  Oxford's Folly Bridge when I fancy a row, its £20 for an hour and money well spent. En route to the river you can head through the famous Christ Church college grounds and the tree lined walk way, which is always a beautiful detour. 

*Thanks Hannah for the photographs