Montmartre, Paris // United Nations COP21



Before December hit I landed a handful of days in Paris- a city I had only ever passed through despite its renowned fame and so said infinite charm. Luckily for me the neighbourhood of Montmartre (where my Airbnb was) happened to be a winner in the Parisian stakes of romantic architecture and crooked charisma. After a potter I learned that this neighbourhood is also home to  and I quickly assumed an almond croissant breakfast ritual (a dangerous consequence of staying around the corner from a bakery as good as this one).

The reason I was technically there however was more politically charged than romance and pastry so. The United Nations was hosting 'COP21' in this beacon city- an annual conference of the parties focused on climate change and global moves to tackle it. I was tasked with capturing the run up to it and in particular what the young people whose shoulders our future stands upon had to say on all things green.

The other thing about that week was that it happened to be the week after the city suffered devastating attacks .

Under that dark cloud the descending of thousands of activists upon this mourning city was made all the more poignant. Here we were standing shoulder to shoulder in celebration of our global community and in determination to protect our present and our future. To usher in peace.

You could say this post is a bit delayed but I wanted to remind myself this side of Christmas that what nations signed up to at COP21 was not simply bound for 2015. Our marching cry and resounding hope going in to this new year is that governments and nations hold to the commitments they made at COP21, and not only that but that they continue to take those commitments further.

For peace, for planet, for those we share this earth with.

[And even for cities as handsome as this one].