New Year and a New Me, Right?


The beginning of new years are weird things.

There is an overwhelming amount of expectation on it as if when the clock strikes midnight our lives will be renewed. All of our wishes for a bettered self, from ending our vices to starting all the health kicks under the sun are going to come to fruition as the clock ticks over to the first of January. Course they are.

‘Doh’ (as day 5 strikes and my resolutions shatter).

It’s this annual cycle that makes new year a subtle kind of dangerous. A whole heap of hope followed by a bucket load of guilt as we miss the impassable marks we set for ourselves.

And so, I’m hoping to flip this new year ritual which is oh so familiar to me on its head this year and instead, my resolve is to expect less of myself. A kind of anti-resolution resolution.

If I’m honest, I’m finding the pace we are forced to run at is more than a bit much and I figure a good way to resist the relentless beast of constant progression is to disconnect. To allow myself time to rest- and to really rest. Not taking my time out as time to be on twitter or on perfecting whatever new skill I need to to keep in the game, but to switch off from all things digital and switch on to myself.

I want to buck the cultural mantra that says faster, better, more and instead go slower and learn a contentedness with the present and with less. I want to breathe more and think about it as I do. To be kinder to myself and restore a perspective that has gotten lost under the sky of the big smoke.

So, New Year, let’s be having you (in the gentlest, slowest way possible).