Tips for Living In a Small Space


Downsizing or moving into a small space when it wasn't intended can be a shock. You are forced to work out what you really need and what you really love, and that is quite the process. What about when you start living in a small space intentionally?

The 'tiny house' movement is a social movement with exactly that in mind. It's an intentional choice to live in a small space or tiny house and it's done, usually, with freedom in mind. Freedom from the financial burden of the average property to freedom from the practical burdens of owning a large property and the demands on time it brings with it. One of the biggest clinchers for those who choose a tiny house though is how it lowers their environmental impact.

I've spent the past 6 months living in a 3x3 room and have learned that there are a few tricks to the living-in-a-small-space trade. The headline?  You need to get savvy.

1. Get rid of what you don’t love or doesn’t serve a purpose

That’s a paraphrase of William Morris and echoes the advice given by Marie Kondo in the best seller: The life changing magic of tidying up. I mean, if you don't love it or it doesn't serve a purpose, what reason do you have to keep it?


2. Get creative with what you do have

How can you re-purpose what you do want to keep or make it perform more functions in your smaller space? We put our chest of drawers on top of our wardrobe and accessed it by climbing a beautiful wooden ladder. Think outside the box.


3. Keep it clean

This is a living-in-a-small-space non negotiable if you don't want to be crawling the walls. You have have to make the space as inviting and livable as possible because you can't hide from the mess in another room. There is a bright side though - the cleaning won't take long!


4. Keep it light

White reflects light and light is good! It makes a space feel more open and less claustrophobic so whether it's through using mirrors or painting everything white keep it light.


5. Live outside your space

The great thing about living in a small space is that it forces you to reconsider what's important. Usually that results in more time in the outdoors and more time with the people you love. Making time for this when you live in a small space will probably happen naturally but if it doesn't and you are getting frustrated, force yourself outdoors.


Living in a small space already or tempted to give it a go? What tips do you have?

Tips for Living in a Small Space | Living in a small space, or a tiny home, is one lifestyle change you can make to live a more eco-friendly life but, it comes with challanges! So here is your guide to living in a small space well | Eco-friendly living by The Foraged Life