Koa Tree Camp // Devon, UK


The Koa Tree Camp field lies somewhere near the Devon/Cornwall border. If it wasn't clear- I'm a hardy Dorset girl. There's a bit of semi-friendly, semi-aggressive beef between Devon/Dorset folk, so i'll brush past the fact this place technically lay on the Devon side of the west country border lands. Instead I'll focus on the fact that it is ruddy brilliant.

As it turned to Autumn I spent a weekend in one of Koa Tree's log cabins with some of my favourite people. These cabins (they have yurts and bell tents too) are definition cosy and have pretty much all you could ask for, from a log burner and fire pit to beds with proper duvets. I mean, that's basically all you need. They also have goats. Goats that will come and chill on your decking with you. That's a nice touch.

The communal space at Koa Tree is vast and well decked out too. The open plan kitchen/living room has a load of hobs, fridges, work spaces, tables and sofas so you can do your thing without stepping on others toes. We shared the space with a friendship group of ladies 30 years in front of me and my friends; they hooked us up with leftover desserts and a good insight in to our future (FYI it looks merry). The living space has a world map wall so you can dream and plan out your adventures post Koa Tree, board games and a stash of hula hoops for late night hula knock outs.*

All in all you've got a holiday in Koa Tree Camp that will offer you a slice of the good life in one of the best patches of our isle (there I said it- Devon, I like you). It's quality- in log cabin/yurt terms and offers you a space to check out of whatever your normal looks like, kick back round the fire and enjoy Devon's rolling hills and starry skies (this comes free and without an ounce of light pollution). These guys also care about their impact- recycling on site was a well organised affair and they have big plans for produce based on permaculture principles, an orchard and already have livestock that includes said goats and rescued factory farm chickens.

It's official. They've got a bunch of Dorset girls seal of approval.

*We've since invested in some hoops and are planning to take it pretty seriously. Thanks Koa Tree- we'll let you know when we make the championships

A bell tent at Koa Tree Camp - Devon, UK // Eco-Friendly Travel by The Foraged Life