Knepp Wildland Safari With Canopy & Stars // Sussex, UK


The taxi driver taking me to Knepp Wildland Safari told me I was lucky enough to be in the county with more trees per acre than any other.

Desperate to be out of the city and taste fresh air that fact he shared with me was enough to keep me content. Then I arrived at Knepp, thanks to Canopy & Stars, and my happy radar went up a notch.

This mid-week adventure was the result of a competition win to be part of the Canopy & Stars Collective. And I was chuffed.

Knepp got my wild heart beating.

The camp itself, dotted with yurts, tipis and shepherds hut, is a small corner of a huge estate that’s an example of successful rewilding in Britain. It’s a project set on restoring land that was failing under industrious monocropping to one that is dictated to by Mother Nature only. As a result, it’s flourishing.

Along with a gang of bloggers* we jumped into the back of some serious looking overland safari trucks for a bumpy ride on the lookout for the wild creatures that now happily inhabit this corner of Sussex thanks to the rewilding process.

From Roger the tamworth pig and all his ladies, to the long horn cows and deer, it’s these guys that are helping to nurture a truly wild landscape at Knepp. There are even nightingales making nests out of the oak tree leaves in Knepps hedgerows.

Back at base camp with a beer in hand (thanks to Wild Beer co), sharing in beautiful food, we gathered around the table and shared stories too.

That’s how the best kind of get-aways should go and I’m looking forward to a whole heap more.

Thanks Canopy & Stars gang!

*Great to meet you Me and Orla, Circle of Pine Trees, Little Green Shed, Seeds and Stitches, Kat Got the Cream, Lapin Blu, Our Beautiful Adventure, Blue Eggs and Tea, Wild and Grizzly, Growing Spaces, Chris and Dan