ImseVimse | Reusable pads for an eco-friendly period


I’ve been using a Mooncup for a few years now and would never look back; and that’s a story I hear repeated by all my friends who have tried it. If you haven’t heard of a Mooncup - or menstrual cup - it’s essentially a bell shaped cylinder that can be used instead of a tampon (you can read all about it here). It’s reusable, which means you can reduce your impact on the environment, save money and, it has significant health benefits.

I really love it.

However, one of the challenges of a Mooncup (there are a bunch of other brands that make the same product too), is that, sometimes, you can get a bit of spillage. It’s only occasional, if you maybe put it in the wrong position, or had a heavy flow and were unable to get to the bathroom in time, but it’s there and, it’s a challenge I wanted to solve in an eco-friendly way. Say hello to ImseVimse - makers of reusable sanitary pads!

ImseVimse | Reusable pads for an eco-friendly period | Eco-friendly living by The Foraged Life

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of folk making eco-friendly sanitary pads (see Etsy). I searched for many many months to try and discern which was my best bet. In the end, I went with ImseVimse initially, for not much more reasoning other than that I wanted one that wasn’t in a hideous print. The upshot = I love them.

Similarly to the benefits of using a menstrual cup, reusable sanitary pads = less of an environmental impact than their disposable alternatives, better health implications and, a big old saving.

Disposable sanitary pads are typically composed of synthetic perfumes, plastics and chemicals and, many women have described that, since using reusables, they have gotten rid of any itchiness or vaginal yeast infection they might have occasionally experienced. These ones by ImseVimse are made of an organic cotton with a layer of PUL, which is a layer of waterproof polyester and polyurethane; ImseVimse use a version that is non-toxic and safe to use on humans. While you can find just pure cotton options with other brands, many use a layer of PUL as it allows for an absorbant layer - which has obvious benefits when it comes to a period product.

It is, of course, more expensive to buy a reusable product compared to a disposable alternative when you look at them like for like, but the savings that can be made long term are vast. With an average woman bleeding for between 30-40 years, that’s a LOT of disposable tampons and pads to get through. A reusable sanitary pad however could be used for up to five years. I’m not great at maths, but that’s a considerable saving - I know that much.

I’ll share more on how to care for your reusable sanitary pads soon but, in the meantime, let me know your thoughts and recommendations. I’d love to hear.