Homemade Spearmint & Teatree Mouthwash


Anyone else feel like those commercial mouthwash's set your mouth on fire? What is that?! Well, I've come up with a solution in the form of this homemade spearmint and teatree mouthwash. Making this over buying the commercial alternatives will not only be a more pleasant (and still effective) mouthwash but means no waste (I just reused a bottle I had saved) and less expense! There are benefits to these particular essential oils too. Teatree is known as a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, while spearmint or peppermint oil has obvious freshness benefits.


+ A bottle

+ 1 cup of filtered water

+ 4 tsp of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

+ 10 drops of organic spearmint of peppermint essential oil

+ 10 drops of organic teatree essential oil



+ Mix these together*

As with commercial mouthwashes, gargle the mixture in your mouth for an appropriate amount of time before spitting out - it is not advised to swallow essential oils. It would also be advantageous to only make small amounts of this mouthwash - which shouldn't be a problem when it is this easy to make - as over time, the essential oils can blend and change from the original scent you had in mind.

There you have it, making your own homemade mouth wash really is as simple as that! Don't be afraid to have a play with other essential oils like clove too.

* The baking soda will settle to the bottom inbetween uses but just shake up before using