5 Things To Do In Summer


A change of season always feels as if it is infused with a kind of magic. Whether it's the myths and stories that surround each season change or what is happening in the skies and with the stars.

Whatever it is, summer seems to be the most loved and magical of all. We beg for summer to knock on our doors; today's your lucky day folks, she's here.

1. Swim in a river

Head into the countryside if you aren't already in it and find a river to swim in. If you don't know where to start, check this out

2. Go foraging

There is an abundance of free food around in these summer months. Get outside and try find it and then make a meal/cocktail infused with your finds (I've got a how-to here)

3. Sleep under the stars

The cold isn't an excuse anymore. Gather your friends and try a spot of wild camping with just your sleeping bag between you and the earth

4. Eat outside

This is one of the best things about summer. How about taking it a spot further by making a fire first and cooking up your dinner on it? Miscellaneous Adventures have some great ideas, like this one, or this one

5. Get a new skill

Sunshine gives us energy. How about using it for good and learning something new. Like how to whittle, how to make bread on a fire, how to build your own shelter or how to identify trees?

Here's an extra one... sign up to Stitch and Forage! It's the most beautiful e-course, showing you how to craft a natural and brilliant summer.

What are your favourite things to do in summer?