The Fruit // Greenhouse Diaries #3


It's all gotten a little wild back here.

In the wake of our enthusiastic 'plant-germinate-get them outside-repeat' mantra we've got ourselves in to a bit of a greenhouse ruckus.

The door won't shut.

And don't even talk about spuds. Got them coming out our ears.

We are at a sort of intersection of blissful harvest and manic maintenance. Murmuring to the courgettes to chill their beans and slow down while coaxing the actual beans up the bamboo structure we crafted them to climb.

Lesson's have definitely been learnt. Next year the potato's won't be put in the same plot as the beets, or alongside anything else for that matter. They are greedy buggers for all that nutritious good stuff and sun; thieving it all from their vegetable bed bedfellows.

We might practice some spacial awareness too and be a spot more measured in our planting. Have more faith that the seeds we plant will turn in to seedlings and then full on plants and do their fruit bearing thing. [Thus, we don't need to plant all of the seeds in Dorset].

Ultimately though, it's definitely bliss winning out over mania in our garden. Odd meals cobbled from our homegrowns and strategy meetings over tea/beer in the corner as we watch the courgette plant creep out the open glass door. Oh for sure, it's bliss.