The Growth // Greenhouse Diaries #2


Well thank God for that. The second installment of Greenhouse Diaries after the arduous build would have been a pretty slim report on empty terracotta pots and glum growers HAD our seeds not done such a ruddy good job.

To be fair, dad has been giving them daily tips on how to germinate and the like. I’m pretty sure it was the ‘well done lads, you are doing great but don’t go resting on your laurels’ [again with a pointed finger] that coaxed the seeds to shoots.

Since those seeds broke through the soil the glass house has been a serious hub of green fingered activity. Extra work surfaces have had to be introduced and the top growers have been transplanted to the veg patch already, allowing for more seeds to get on the go in the greenhouse.

We’ve been recycling fruit crates and yoghurt pots left right and centre to meet the pretty insatiable desire the family has to keep planting and keep this growing thing going. It’s like dirt under the finger nails and being able to nurture seeds to greens is good for the soul or something...

From here on out its a waiting game (a good kind); the joyful wait for the fruit of happy green fingered labour. Broad beans, chilli's, sprouts, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and a whole bunch more naturally plant marker-ed kitchen garden goods... Yep, this is definitely the life.