The Build // Greenhouse Diaries #1


This greenhouse [ordeal/joy] has been a family affair.

We pretty jammily landed ourselves this little glass haven as the neighbour decided it wasn't worth the moving hassle as they went on to (probably less) green pastures.

We took that hassle on the chin. Dismantling the bugger pane by pane we proceeded to womble its shell up the road, much to the enjoyment of passing ramblers.

With only one smashed pane (the last one to be taken out, obviously) out of a good number, it was successfully installed in its new surroundings and has since been lovingly prepped for a homegrown fiasco.

The seeds are in and we've come up with a solid plan of action to get them doing their thing. Water, sunlight, warmth and stern words... I caught my dad, with a pointed finger, telling them 'start growing or you're toast.'

It's my new favourite place. Zen as you like.

After my first fifteen potting minutes, the sister came in and I definitely squealed 'I AM SO HAPPY.' It's the dirt under the finger nails, Woman's Hour in the background and cup of tea that just tops off the whole brilliance of growing something from scratch.

Yep. Watch this space... there's more to come. I hope so anyway, otherwise we'll have to have some more stern greenhouse chats.