Going on a Microadventure

Going on a Microadventure | The Foraged Life

It's 5 o'clock.

Ergo, it's adventure time.

A 'microadventure' as it's called is forged out of that glorious window of time that we sort of forget to use in an adventurous sort of way. The 5-9. We save camping and adventuring for the weekends or make them out to be grand expeditions, planning them X amount of months in advance as a result. A microadventure turns that theory on its head.

It's simple. Genuinely. A sleeping bag, a bivvy bag, some friends and a general sense of destination and you've pretty much nailed microadventuring. Dive out the office after work, sleep under the stars, and head back with leaves in your hair, scented with eau de fire, in time for the working day.

Using that sandwich of time between the 5pm finish and the 9am return to the office, makes for some mid-week wild that will infuse your working week with more adrenaline than you can shake a stick at. If you've been around The Foraged Life long enough, you'll know that I believe in the correlation of unplugging and reconnecting to nature having an amazing impact on your wellbeing. A microadventure is no exception. In fact its the epitome of this theory! Giving you a wellbeing boost that is *guaranteed* to transcend the potential ache or tiredness you might well feel after nature's absurdly early alarm clock of sun and bird chat.

People have been having adventures like this for, well, forever. Alastair Humphreys however managed to coin the term #microadventure and, as a result, going on a 'microadventure' makes you feel like you are adventuring among a wider community than just the body's in the bivvy bag or hammock next to you. That is a good feeling too.

Over on Alistair's website, you'll find lots of detailed tips on what to pack and other helpful advice for having a microadventure, but the headline from me: a microadventure makes for a hearty midweek win. Don't overthink it. Just grab your friends and go, do it.

Going on a microadventure - what it is and how to do it | Eco-friendly travel by The Foraged Life