Foraged Elderflower Gin


Bicycle rides are a pretty heady affair at the moment. Your nose is affronted with blooming elderflower and with the summer heat enhancing the scent, it can make you a bit woozy.

Tell you what else makes you woozy. Gin.

The thing is, it's just so easy to make (elderflower infused gin that is). Gosh darn it.

I mean for one afternoon of merriment in the park with your nearest and dearest all you need is the leftovers of whatever bottle of gin you have in the cupboard (we had about 300ml), a couple of tablespoons of sugar for that amount and enough elderflower heads (picked in the morning is best) to stuff in to your chosen vessel.

Put the sugar and gin in together first and give it a shake till the sugar is dissolved. Then add in the elderflower heads, getting them nicely submerged (best to shake off any bugs from the elderflower heads before you pop them in too). Hide the jar in a dark space for 5 days or so, so it can infuse (giving it a shake every now and then). Once it is infused, you need to strain the heads and pollen out- you could do this using a muslin cloth, we just used some tea bag filters.

What you'll be left with is a golden elixir. Truly.

With some tonic, ice and a sprig of mint you are away. Homemade elderflower gin also makes a pretty sweet gift I reckon. I'd certainly be chuffed with some foraged elderflower gin.

Simple foraged elderflower gin recipe | The Foraged Life