Foraged Elderflower Fritters


Elderflower fritters. Made from an almost pancake batter, elderflower fritters are a brilliant way to do something different with elderflowers after you have, of course, crafted enough infused gin to sink a very merry ship.


Collect your elderflowers and trim the stems to leave just the heads of the elderflower. Get rid of any bugs by giving them a shake and a gentle wash. For a basket of elderflower heads (say 20-ish) grab 200g of plain flour and sift it in to a bowl before mixing in one beaten egg. Then add in 300ml of sparkling water, a bit at a time, mixing as you go. You'll end up with a smooth paste and it's at this point you can chuck in a tablespoon of sugar before putting the mixture in the fridge for a half hour. After a little rest, get some oil on the go- enough to be an inch or two deep in your frying pan. Make sure it is super hot (you can test by dropping some batter in there and seeing if it quickly turns golden) and then lower your elderflower heads (dipped in the batter mix) in there by the stem. You could use some tongs if your hands aren't made of something inflammable. Once they are golden (which shouldn't be long), pull em' out and get rid of excess oil by dropping them on to a tea towel. Then eat them quick. We dipped ours into a yoghurt and honey mix but there are rumours out there of vanilla or cinnamon sugar making a happy combo too.