Cragowlet House // Loch Long, Scotland


Cragowlet House is seriously stupendous. It's one of those houses that is familiarly and brilliantly Scottish, making it the perfect base camp for a reunion of my good friends after having started our story in Edinburgh a few years back.

It's interiors are pretty stonking too. That's all thanks to Brian and Nancy, the owners who have lovingly restored it to grandeur over the past 6 years. And it really is grandeur. A roll top bath complete with blue tooth speakers, a living room with leather studded sofa's and a telescope to boot. Beds that genuinely qualify for marshmallow status, and a kitchen that is kitted to the nines.

While the inside does ruddy well in making you put down the deposit, and in providing a welcome retreat after you've done your exploring, it's what's outside Cragowlet House that takes it to another level. The house sits on Loch Long, and crossing the small road outside, we took to sitting on the rocks that sloped down to the loch and debating whether we would break the still water and brace a swim as the sun set on the hilly horizon in front of us.

Sure, while you are still relatively south in Scotland staying round here, and therefore not a patch on the heights and magnitude of the high highlands, this is a gateway and you get a glimpse of something pretty spectacular that is Scotland's unparalleled landscape.

Going with my best buds, I got some belly laughing thrown in for free too.