Celebrate Earth Day with a Litter Pick!

Celebrate Earth Day with a Litter Pick | Eco Friendly Living by The Foraged Life

This Sunday (22nd of April) is Earth Day- a day of action where we can collectively show our planet some love. I know, I know, it feels like there are multiple days throughout the year that are accosted by 'causes' - and it can be pretty overwhelming - but this one's a goody (I promise). Earth Day has gathered such momentum that more than a billion (!) people now participate in Earth Day activities each year. Hurrah! And, what simpler a way to celebrate our earth than by cleaning it up with a litter pick?

There are so many organisations facilitating litter picks around the world to celebrate Earth Day but, here in the UK, look out for what these guys are up to and see if they have an event planned near you:

Of course, you don't need an organised event to be the only thing that gets you out the door and cleaning up your home turf on Sunday (or any day). All you really need is a bin bag and some gloves (people have found needles etc on the beach so be mindful of what you could be picking up).

This weekend I'll be heading to my local beach to join in on a clean up the National Trust has organised and I am so looking forward to it. I love where I live and want to ensure I regularly take the time, whether organised or as part of my regular strolls, to keep it clean. Not only does it keep our environment beautiful but it protects local wildlife from ingesting or getting trapped by pieces of our rubbish. The RSPCA get a number of calls a day regarding animals hurt from litter. So, whether you do it for 2 minutes of 2 hours, lets just get out there, clean our Earth up a little, and show it some love. 

Let me know if you are planning to get out there and what you find if you do!