Beetroot Ketchup

Homegrown Beetroots / Beetroot Ketchup recipe by the Foraged Life

Beetroot are that veg that, along with parsnips, are always described as earthy.

I think there is some science thing happening there to do with them being a root veg and all soil-y and stuff. Whatever the science, that earthy vibe tastes bloody good.

Here enter a root veg adaptation of, irrefutably, Britain's best loved condiment: beetroot ketchup.


Get 250g of tomatoes roasting in the oven on a medium heat until they browning, juicy and smelling good (4o mins ish). Blend this with 250g of cooked beets and put the combination on the hob on a medium heat. Add 2 cloves of crushed garlic, some grated ginger, some dried chilli flakes, and a good spoonful of cajun spice. To sweeten it up add a couple of teaspoons of honey in alongside a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar too. Let all this good stuff simmer for a while. You know the rule, the longer it simmers- the better. Ours stayed on the hob for around 40 minutes. Once cooled, jar it up and hello. A new take on a classic.


There are some tricks to making it taste even better. Firstly, use your mate's homegrown beets from her London rooftop (thanks Sarah) and secondly, pair it with a batch of [earthy] parsnip chips and Anna Jones 'The Really Hungry Burger.' 


*Thanks Hannah for taking dinner pics

Beetroot Ketchup recipe // Recipes by The Foraged Life