6 Best Eco Friendly Dental Floss [2023 Reviews]

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Eco Friendly Dental FlossThese days, people are navigating towards the best eco-friendly floss. Why is that? Let’s read our article to figure out!

As you may know, most traditional flosses are made of nylon which is petroleum-based material and cannot be biodegraded. That is to say, it is not a choice for eco-friendliness.

To protect both human health and the environment, dentists recommend that people should switch into some environmentally friendly flosses made from bamboo and silk.

There are some best eco-friendly dental floss options by which you can keep your daily dental care routine. Let’s go with us to find them out now!


Best Eco-Friendly Dental Floss Review

#1 Radius Natural Unscented Silk Dental Floss

It can be said that dental floss is an indispensable part of every person after every meal. When it comes to dental floss, the product from RADIUS is one of the dental floss products recommended by dentists.

Why is this kind of floss worth – buying? First, their first outstanding advantage is that they are very soft and smooth to protect teeth and gums. The manufacturer uses candelilla plant wax, which is derived from candelilla shrubs in the southwest desert of the United States, to produce these dental flosses.

Second, made from natural materials, these flosses are guaranteed to be 100% biodegradable. If you accidentally dropped them outside, don’t worry. They will not affect the environment. These products are considered one of the first biodegradable dental floss on the market.

Third, the company undertakes that they do not use any preservatives, colourings, glutens, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, or any other harmful chemical additives in their products.

You can safely use these eco-friendly flosses daily as they are very safe and reliable.


  • Soft and smooth
  • No nasty ingredients


  • The thread is too thick
  • Easily frayed

#2 TEVRA Vegan Dental Floss

Another floss product that might be a great choice for you is the floss from TEVRA – a UK-based company.

If some of the same products are made of plastic, these flosses are derived from corn. That makes them special. Because they are made from natural ingredients, they are suitable for everyone, even with those prone to bleeding gums.

With a length of about 30m, these flosses are very soft, safe and reliable. If you are a vegetarian and you are always looking for floss products, that are right for you, these corn floss will satisfy you. With mint and ginger flavours, they guarantee that you won’t sacrifice the taste.

Moreover, they are 100% biodegradable. The manufacturer guarantees that it will not adversely affect the planet. Compared to several other products, TEVRA dental floss is a perfect choice because it can meet the needs of our customers while protecting our environment.

Another advantage that makes these dental flosses completely zero waste is that the storage boxes are made from 100% recycled glass instead of plastic boxes.

Even if you have used up the floss, the outer packaging of this product allows you to recycle. You can use it to store other dental floss or use them for your purposes. This glass floss packaging is designed to be quite sturdy, flexible and can be used for a long time.

If you don’t like this eco-friendly floss product, you can contact TEVRA. With careful customer care policy, the company will refund your full amount in 30 days without any hassle.


  • No plastic
  • Better oral hygiene


  • Not good value for money
  • Easily broken

#3 Dental Lace Refillable Dental Floss with Natural Mint Flavoring

Dental Lace – Headquartered in Maine, USA is a famous company specializing in manufacturing oral protection products in the world. With the motto of always creating the best products and protecting the environment, they are always trusted by women. One of their outstanding products is eco-friendly dental floss.

This is a floss made from Mulberry silk and candelilla wax. These flosses are vegan. The manufacturer makes them by pressing them from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub, not containing petroleum, without plastic, without harmful chemicals. This type of floss is very safe for your teeth.

Moreover, they are vegan. If you are a vegetarian, this product will satisfy your needs. With natural origins, this award-winning product is fully compostable. The pleasant mint flavour of these excellent dental flosses will make you feel satisfied and comfortable every time you use it.

Wishing for the company’s products to be completely zero waste, Dental Lace has designed so that every element of the product is biodegradable or recyclable.

The floss containers are made of glass and stainless steel can be reused many times. The outer packaging is recyclable along with the storage bag made from compostable cellophane. It can be said that Dental Lace products are both convenient and environmental.


  • Nice-looking container
  • Good flavour


  • Slightly thick

#4 Wowe Natural Biodegradable Peace Silk Dental Floss with Mint Flavored Wax

Wowe is one of the leading brands specializing in manufacturing products that are derived from nature and are environmentally safe. Wowe Lifestyle products all come from the founders’ observation of a world in which nature is always respected and preserved, which in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle and responsibility for all people.

Their motto is: “Ensuring a green, clean, beautiful planet with a bright future for our children will always be a priority task in Wowe’s production style”. Products that are popular with customers are their eco-friendly dental floss.

The company pledges that these dental flosses are 100% biodegradable from natural silk, natural candelilla wax, and mint flavour. Although made from silk, it is as strong as ordinary floss made of plastic. Instead of choosing hard-to-break plastic material, you can switch to this floss. If you do not need to use them anymore, you can compost them or throw them in the trash because they can decompose.

The outer floss container is made from stainless steel with a built-in floss cutter. Contrary to fragile materials such as glass and non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, this stainless-steel material helps the box to survive for long periods and withstand bumps.

Besides, they are also suitable for traveling around. Make sure you floss at least once a day as they can remove plaque build-up in the oral cavity, cleaning your teeth.

It can be said that Wowe always set goals to both create the best products and protect the environment. To make the Earth green, the company partnered with OneTreePlocate – a non-profit organization and set aside 1% of its sales to grow trees around the world.


  • Refillable
  • Plastic free packaging


  • Slightly thin

#5 Lucky Teeth 100% Organic Bamboo Fibre Floss with Activated Charcoal

If you are vegan, it is difficult to choose a suitable floss product, especially floss ones made from silk. But don’t worry, you will have another great choice. Those are the natural dental floss from Lucky Teeth.

Completely free of plastic, these dental flosses are made from bamboo fibres with activated charcoal – biodegradable materials. If you do not use them anymore and throw away, they will decompose 60 to 90 days. Please be assured that these dental flosses will not adversely affect the environment.

The manufacturer guarantees that they are extremely easy to use, soft and comfortable for your teeth and gums. You will not have to worry about pain when using this product.

Besides, these dental flosses contain peppermint oil and organic tea tree to completely clean the oral cavity, remove bacteria and remaining deposits. It can also help you kill the fungus and relieve your gum pain.

Lucky Teeth dental floss does not contain any chemicals, gluten, preservatives, sweeteners, and colorants so you can feel secure during use. They will not let you down!

For the product to completely zero waste and minimize waste to the environment, Lucky Teeth designed dental floss containers made from glass and packaging boxes made from recycled paper.

Each product comes with a refill of two packs in a recyclable paper box and fits in a glass jar.


  • Mild flavour
  • Reusable glass container


  • Thread breaks easily if you have tight teeth

#6 Treebird Dental Floss Refill

TreeBird is another company that can show you that flossing – a small daily act, can also cut waste to the environment. This is a great option to protect the ecosystem because TreeBird’s dental floss is waxed with vegan candelilla wax and has a pleasant mint flavour.

They can easily slip into the smallest corners of your mouth to take away uneaten food without causing any pain. Soft and comfortable texture can please those with sensitive gums. Natural origin is guaranteed to not affect your health.

Flossing is recommended daily as plaque in the centre of your teeth will take 24 hours to form. For healthy teeth, make sure you take care of them.

After finishing flossing, you can throw them away or compost them, they will biodegrade without worrying that you have created waste that exists on Earth for hundreds of years to decompose. Try eliminating the habit of using your plastic products with the slightest action to protect our Earth.

For each order, you will receive 2 floss eco-friendly rolls made from 100% silk, for a total length of 66 yards of both.

Besides, to minimize the amount of waste released into the environment, TreeBird encapsulates all its products in a small, biodegradable craft paper box.

Moreover, the ink used to print on the packaging is a toner made from soy, they can decompose faster than oil-based inks or petroleum. Even the stickers on the packaging to prevent dust are made from compostable plant-based material.


  • Zero waste
  • Good flavour


  • Not good value

Things You Should Know When Buying Floss

What’s the Matter with The Traditional Floss?

Traditional floss is normally made of nylon that is a kind of plastic. It takes hundreds of years for nylon to biodegrade.

Besides, manufacturers also coat traditional dental floss in chemicals for users to easily slide between their teeth. And some studies have indicated that several dental floss brands have highly chemical level of PFAS substances.

In detail, PFAS relates to some serious health problems such as fertility issues, weight gain, types of cancers or high cholesterol.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

To replace nylon, silk and bamboo are chosen to be the alternatives. Both materials are chemical-free and biodegradable.


This is a natural material. Almost silk flosses nowadays do not consist of PFCs. A huge downside of silk floss is that it is not completely vegan. For silk harvesting, the manufacturers must kill the silkworms. Although not all brands do that, it is still quite hard for users to identify which one is vegan.


It seems that bamboo is preferable than silk. Bamboo flosses do not have any gluten, sweeteners, preservatives or artificial colours despite peppermint or essential oils added from some manufacturers.

It also contains no harmful wax that is used much in nylon flosses. Furthermore, these products include activated charcoal – mainly used for health and beauty. Until now, activated charcoal is generally believed to be safe and improve the binding features of the floss.

Compared to the nylon floss, they are great eco-friendly alternatives and they are safer for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are These Flosses Compostable?

Answer: They are corn-based polyester and biodegradable. It may take time to degrade in the composting pile. But yes, they are compostable.

Question: Do These Flosses Contain Fluoride?

Answer: They are all fluoride-free. Actually, you can see no fluoride listed on their labels.

Question: Is the Flavour Noticeable?

Answer: Yes, it is. But it is not overpowering. It is just a mild flavour.

Question: Are There Any Types of Corn-Based Plastic or Plastic Packaging in The Shipping Materials or In the Box?

Answer: We can assure that there is not any plastic in the box. To cover the floss spools, we use a waxed paper. About packaging, to keep it sealed, we stick two tiny plastic-like material that is compostable. About the shipping envelopes, Amazon will be responsible as orders are taken through this website.

Question: Do These Flosses Work for Tight Teeth?

Answer: Such a tricky question. We cannot be sure. Almost our customers give good feedbacks while some say it breaks easily when using for teeth that are close together. So, honestly, it may depend on the flossing technique. You can give it a try.

If you still have some problems, you can contact us through DM. We certainly find you a solution that works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Traditional floss may have an adverse effect on the environment as well as pose threats to your health. However, with these aforementioned alternatives, it is still possible for you to not only keep your gums and teeth healthy but also reduce waste.

You can see that it is easy to switch into some best eco-friendly floss. So, are you ready to take up a new habit from now?


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