About the foraged life

The Foraged Life is a space for sharing stories of Eco-Friendly Living & Living with Nature. Two ideas that I believe are firmly intertwined with better living for ourselves & our planet. 

Here you'll find ideas for eco-friendly living, eco-friendly travel & living with nature as well as a guide to the best eco-friendly brands.

As for 'foraging,' I'll give you some tips for doing that here, but see The Foraged Life as more than simply a guide to foraging. Rather, a kind of honest search for better living through living more closely with nature & practicing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.




You'd probably guessed - I'm a country girl.

Based in a rural corner of Dorset on England’s south coast, I work as a Head of Marketing + side hustle as a freelance writer & communications consultant. You can see some of my work & chat about opportunities for collaborating over here

That's the technical side. On a more human level - I'm a big fan of making things, of exploring new places & new ideas.

&, of course, of nature.