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Hi I’m Rachel Lees

Founder – writer

The Foraged Life is a space for sharing stories.

From bits made from  homegrowns or hand foraged from nature to places to explore and adventure near and far. 

From stories from the wild to encounters with people and the earth that point to a way of doing life that is conscious of treading lightly and lovingly.

Have a goose around.

Dr. Rebecca Tarvin


Rebecca Tarvin

Rebecca Tarvin is broadly interested in integrating studies of natural history with molecular genomics and phylogenetics. Specifically, she aims to elucidate causal genetic mechanisms underlying novel traits, characterize phenotypic diversification at macro and micro-evolutionary scales, and identify factors that promote and constrain biodiversity.

She also likes to write about eco-friendly lifestyle and other material alternatives that are eco-friendly, aside from other ways to save Mother Earth


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